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Hi everyone,  

Welcome to our blog! We are a group of fun individuals who are passionate about food and our community.

Through this blog post, we would like to share with you our journey collaborating with Gordon neighborhood house in the Herb Garden Enhancement Program.


Get to Know the Team

From left to right: Tyneisha Culling, Christopher Fung, Ricco Tindjau, Sincere Tse, Vanessa Arif, Jamie Coo


Vanessa Arif

I’m a third year student majoring in food science. Growing up in Indonesia, I have the privilege to taste and experience amazingly unique and flavourful Indonesian cuisines made from various spices and ingredients. This is how I started to become interested in food and later developed curiosity in understanding the science and social aspect of it. By being a part of the Herb Garden Enhancement program, I wish to learn not only the importance of food as part of our physical need but also its impact on community and personal well-being.


Christopher Fung

I’m a third year student currently majoring in FNH but am applying to Food Science this year. My recent trip to Japan this summer has made me realize the importance and luxury it is to be able to access fresh fruits and vegetables. Although Japan does have some of the best food I have personally tasted, fruits and vegetables are very expensive and not nearly as accessible as they are in Vancouver. This has sparked my interest to studying foods closer and at a more chemical level. My career goals are to be a part of research and development for nutritious foods in the future. Hopefully, I can be a part of a movement that will allow those who cannot access healthy meals to be a thing of the past.


Jamie Coo

I am a third year student who is currently majoring in FNH. Ever since taking biology classes in high school, I have developed a great interest in understanding how food is processed in our body. After becoming a part of the faculty, which provided me an opportunity to interact with the community closely, I realized that many people in the world do not have access to sufficient amount of food, not to mention having nutritious diets that meet their daily needs. This inspired me to be more involved in engaging with the community, which can not only allow me to raise people’s awareness on nutrition, but I can also help build relationships in the community.


Ricco Tindjau

I am a fourth year student majoring in Food, Nutrition and Health. My interest in food started way back when I was a middle schooler as I was really fascinated with how my favourite food is made, raisins. After venturing out to UBC to continue my studies, I came across the Wine Research Centre and it cemented my interest in being in UBC and learning about food, plants and the chemistry of food. By learning about plants and food, I am looking to be able to assist in the development of proper farming methods, processing method and even storage method in the hopes to help reduce the food crisis. In being part of the Herb Garden Enhancement Program, I am looking to be able to make the community around Gordon Neighbourhood be more aware and engaged with the herb garden.


Tyneisha Culling

I am a third year student majoring in Nutritional Sciences. I have always had an interest in nutrition and when I joined this faculty last year I felt so inspired by all the other people who thought the same way. Growing up in BC I always had access to fresh fruits and vegetables so I never really thought about where they come from. Through this faculty, more specifically, the LFS classes I have learned that not everybody has this luxury of accessing fresh produce. This class also opened my eyes about how many people do not have access to nutritious meals every day. I look forward to working on the Herb Garden Program Enhancement to inform people about the great opportunity they have right outside their door to harvest fresh herbs to enhance their meals.


Sincere Tse

I am a third year student majoring in Food, Nutrition, and Health. At first, I chose this major simply because I enjoy eating food! However, I slowly realized everything I learned in LFS actually have strong connections to our everyday life. This realization helped me to gradually develop an interest in how food affects our bodies through nutrition. Through the Herb Garden Program Enhancement, I am hoping to make as much contribution as I can to build connections between community members and raise people’s awareness to the services provided by the Gordon Neighbourhood House.