ETEC 531 (Winter 1 2010)

Cultural and New Media Studies
This course explores convergences, intensifications and transformations of culture, nature and technology.  Cultural and new media studies developed in anticipation of, and response to, ways in which culture, nature and technology converge to intensify and transform everyday life.  In addition to understanding culture, media and the process of meaning-making, cultural and new media studies also focus on making and managing media across formats, creative expression, and civic engagement.  Drawing on various methods and theories, this course provides a forum for exploring cybercultural and technocultural issues such as cyborgs and hybridity, digital property, cyberpunk fiction, the posthuman, AI and AEI, information warfare, virtual reality, third nature, and religion.  The course is organized around nine modules that correspond to the chapters and themes in the text, Culture and Technology.

Download syllabus for online ETEC 531 (2011)
Download syllabus for f2f ETEC 531 (2010)

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