Paula MacDowell, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Paula MacDowell is a design and technology specialist working on research and advocacy initiatives to empower children and youth worldwide through education in technology. Paula is currently instructing undergraduate and graduate courses in Media & Technology Studies, Digital Learning & Curriculum, and Creativity, Learning & Innovation. She creates and researches cutting-edge educational technologies, and works closely with teachers to integrate media and technology in their classrooms to enhance learner engagement, empowerment, inclusion, and ingenuity.

Yi Fei Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Yi Fei Wang, PhD is a Media and Technology Studies specialist exploring how scenario-based learning in virtual worlds and the cognitive demands of moving in and out of these spaces. She is developing VILLAGE: Virtual Immersive Language Learning and Gaming Environment in in OpenSim to offer cutting edge challenges to liberal studies, the digital humanities and social sciences. She is currently exploring and testing some of the most pressing questions of cyberspace, including the ‘virtual now-real later’ nexus of cyberbullying.

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