Graduate Students

Current PhD Students working with HWL

Kim, Soowook. (in progress, Fall 2012). Exploring FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) in a Colony of PCSS (Proprietary and Closed Source Software). Ph.D. Dissertation.

Kim, Juyun. (in progress, Fall 2012). An Actor-Network of Serious Gameplay in South Korea. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Kaminski, June. (in progress, Fall 2012). A Qualitative Analysis of Faculty Perceptions of Nursing Informatics and Education Culture. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Trey, C.L. (in progress, Fall 2012). Supporting Lifelong Learning for Health and Healthy Aging through Digital Literacies. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Gutica, Mirela. Ph.D. (in progress, Fall 2012). Heroes of Math Island: Designing Engaging Educational Games . Ph.D. Dissertation.

Wang, Yifei. (in progress, Fall 2012). Virtual Worlds for Designing Technology-Augmented Immersive Language Learning Environments. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Gauthier, James. (in progress, Spring 2014).  TBA

Shaw, Ash. (in progress, Spring 2015). TBA

Lee, Yu-Ling. (in progress, Spring 2016). TBA

Zhao, Jennifer. (in progress, Spring 2016). TBA

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