June Kaminski

June has been training practicing RSN and nursing students to use computers in both practice and education since 1987. June currently teaches third and fourth year BSN students at Kwantlen University College in the BSN Nursing Program. She is completing PhD studies in the Faculty of Curriculum Studies and Technology Education at the University of British Columbia. Her doctoral dissertation focus will be related to The In/Visibility of Nurses in Cyberculture and looking at ways to cultivate a positive culture for information technology in nursing education.June has developed and offered integrated curriculum related to Nursing Informatics for all BSN students at Kwantlen since the early 1990s using both paper based manuals and online delivery modes. The web version of this work is viewable at http://www.nursing-informatics.com/kwantlen

A presentation on the above curriculum, entitled “Nursing Informatics Integration in a Four-Year BSN Program: The Experience of Participation in a Web-based Learning Environment” was presented at both the WRCAUSN and CNA Biennial Convention in Vancouver in 2000 and via web-cast in 2004. She is currently Editor-in-Charge of Virtual Nursing Practice and Culture for the Online Journal of Nursing Informaticshttp://www.eaa-knowledge.com/ojni/index.htm and President-Elect of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association – http://cnia.ca

June has also developed a web environment to promote professional development in nursing informatics competency for practicing nurses, viewable at http://www.nursing-informatics.comThis includes an Online Nursing Informatics Competencies Self-Assessment area where nurses can begin to examine their own competencies and create an action plan for self-development: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/niassess/index.html

June is also interested in research related to First Nations pedagogy (see PPT at http://www.virtualcurriculum.com/FN_pedagogy.ppt) and her own self exploration of her Anishanabe ancestory at http://www.chi-manidoo.com/

June has been involved in study on the use of digital art creation for self expression, conceptual exploration and personal healing for several years. Some work related to these topics can be viewed at: Cyberart as a Psychological Tool: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/cyberart.html, The In/Visibility of Nursing in Cyberculture: http://www.visiblenurse.com/, Identities, Bodies and Subcultures: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/identity.html; and Overview of QSR Nud*ist at: http://www.nursing-informatics.com/qsr1.html She also operates a freelance design company, Visions of Adonai Design at http://www.visionsofadonai.com/

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