Recent Dissertations and Theses in HWL

Theses and Dissertations


Kim, Soowook. (in progress, Fall 2016). Exploring FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) in a Colony of PCSS (Proprietary and Closed Source Software). Ph.D. Dissertation.

Kim, Juyun. (in progress, Fall 2016). An Actor-Network of Serious Gameplay in South Korea. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Kaminski, June. (in progress, Fall 2016). A Qualitative Analysis of Faculty Perceptions of Nursing Informatics and Education Culture. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Trey, Lana. (in progress, Fall 2016). Supporting Lifelong Learning for Health and Healthy Aging through Digital Literacies. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Gauthier, James. (in progress, Spring 2017).  TBA

Shaw, Ash. (in progress, Spring 2017). TBA


MacDowell, Paula. (2015). Empowering Girls as Change Makers in Maker Culture: Stories from a Summer Camp for Girls in Design, Media & Technology. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Gutica, Mirela. (2014). Designing educational games and advanced learning technologies: An identification of emotions for modeling pedagogical and adaptive emotional agents. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Wang, Y. (2012). Designing immersive language learning environments in virtual worlds. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Namita, Yoko. (2010). Teachers’ Perceptions of Media Education in Greater Vancouver: Challenges and Possibilities. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Peterson, Jennifer. (2007). Excavating Barbie / Excavating Me: Digital Making (My) Inarticulate Space. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Guo, Ruth. (2006). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy in Teacher Education: A Case Study of the University of British Columbia. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Braundy, Marcia. (2005). Feminisms and Masculinities at Work: Intervening in the Social Construct. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Feng, Franc. (2003). Between Immediacy and Reification: Quotidian Pedagogy, Narrative, and Recovery of Language and Meaning in Nature. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Completed M.A. Theses

Halim, Peter. (2013). Video gaming in the classroom: Insights and ideas from teenage students. M.A. Thesis.

Gutica, Mirela. (2008). Emotional Design: An Investigation into Designers’ Perceptions of Incorporating Emotion into Software. M.A. Thesis.

Wang, Yifei. (2008). Designing Chatbot Interfaces for Language Learning: Ethnographic Research into Affect and Users’ Experiences. M.A. Thesis.

Brennan, Karen. (2007). Building A Community Of (New Media) Practice: Sharing Learning Stories From A Videoblogging Collective. M.A. Thesis.

Brown, Rory. (2007). Building the Prospector Canoe: Narrative Inquiry in a Life of Craft. M.A. Thesis.

Hall, Lauren. (2007). Relationality, Hybridity, Awareness: Being with AIBO. M.A. Thesis.

Ip, Chung Y. (2007). An Analysis Of Gender And Performance For Students Writing The British Columbia Grade 12 Provincial Exams. M.A. Thesis.

Park, HyeRan. (2006). Investigating the Effect of Computer-Assisted Science Instruction on Korean Middle School Boys and Girls’ Achievement, Attitudes and Career Aspirations. M.A. Thesis.

Cook, Sean. (2005). School, Inc.: A Performance Ethnography of the Effects of Corporate Sponsorship on Public Education. M.A. Thesis.

Cormier, Gregory. (2005). Student School/Work Transitions In British Columbia: A Case Study of the Career Technical Centre In Abbotsford. M.A. Thesis.

Dalley, Stephen R. (2004). Technology Education in British Columbia: A Survey of History, Programs and Practices. M.A. Thesis.

Completed M.Ed. Graduating Papers/Projects (Selected)

You, Liang. (2012). An Analysis of Apple’s iPad Marketing Campaign for Education. M. Ed. Paper.

Chan, Anna. (2007). Sustainable Business Technology Education. M.Ed. Paper.

Couturier, Siriya. (2007). Using Moodle: an Open-Source Course Management System for a Second Language Course. M.Ed. Paper.

Begg, Stephen. (2007). An Indigenous Education Initiative in Drafting and Design. M.Ed. Paper.

Da Silva, Pedro. (2006). Designing a Dream: The design and production of online educational games. M.Ed. Paper.

Olson, Robert. (2006). Engineering: Super Mileage Vehicles. M.Ed. Paper.

Szeto, Simon. (2002). Information Technology in a Global Society. M.Ed. Project.

Brand, Steve. (2000). The Future of Linux in K-12 Education in BC. M.Ed. Project.

Vague, Ronald. (1999). Media Arts 11: The Integration of Art and Technology. M.Ed. Paper.

Woo, Peter. (1999). Web-Based Instruction for Elementary and Secondary Schools. M.Ed. Paper.

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