Technology, Religion, Spirituality & the Sacred

Stephen Petrina and Franc Feng, Principal Investigators
Yu-Ling Lee,  Graduate Researcher

TechnoTheology Blog

How does the technological enter into the spiritual? How does the spiritual enter into the technological? Or is it already there, as Latour contends, preserved in premodern consciousness and cosmology, always already manifest? Conventional, specialized treatments of technology, religion, spirituality and the sacred allow for in-depth exploration but do not account for recent transformations. Hence, we acknowledge a new imperative for re-mapping of technology, religion, spirituality and the sacred rooted in what Heidegger and Arendt might call our techno-onto-theo-eco-logical condition— to include everyday encounters with technopaganism, transcendental materialism, technosecularism, technoexistentialism and technosectarianism. There are various dimensions to these encounters, indicating coexistence, continuities and continua rather than oppositions. This research project is generative, providing in-depth analyses of specific trends accented by and through technology, religion, spirituality, and the sacred.

Selected Publications from the Technology, Religion, Spirituality, and the Sacred project

MA & PhD Theses

Lee, Yu-Ling. (2011). The Technologizing of Faith: An Ethnographic Study of the Internet Practices of Christian University Students Evaluated in light of the work of Marshall McLuhan. M.Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC.

Feng, Franc. (2003). Between Immediacy and Reification: Quotidian Pedagogy, Narrative, and Recovery of Language and Meaning in Nature. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Articles, Chapters & Books

Feng, F. & Petrina, S. (in press). The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak. In S. Petrina, F. Feng & others (Eds.). Technology, Religion, Spirituality & the Sacred. 30 pp.

Petrina, S. & Feng, F. (2006). On techno-theology and the sacred: Exploring technology and spirituality. In H. Middleton (Ed.), Proceedings of the 4th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research (pp. 337-349). Brisbane, QLD: Griffith University.

Feng, F. (2002). Sublime Witnessing. In K. Meyer et al. (Eds.), Walljamming: A project of reimagining educational community. Educational Insights, 7(1).

Feng, F. (2001). Etude in green minor: on expanding ethics, of being, wholeness, sentience and compassion. In B. Hocking, J. Haskell, & W. Linds (Eds.), Unfolding bodymind: exploring possibility through education (pp. 232-251). Brandon, VT: Foundation for Educational Renewal.

Doll, W., E., Feng, F., & Petrina, S. (2001). The Object(s) of Culture: Bruno Latour and the Relationship between science and culture. In J. A. Weaver & P. M. Appelbaum & M. Morris (Eds.), (Post) modern science (education): propositions and alternative paths (pp. 25-39). New York: Peter Lang.


Petrina, S., Brennan, K., Feng, F. & Hall, L. (2007, 13 October). Technology, religion, spirituality and the sacred. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, Montreal, QC, 11-13 October. (8 pp.)

Petrina, S. with Feng, F. (2006, December 7). On techno-theology and the sacred: Exploring technology and spirituality. Keynote address given at the 4th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research. Brisbane, QLD.

Feng, F.  (2004). The case for reviving existentialism in education: Bridging the language of abstraction to concrete lived praxis of the lifeworld. Paper presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) conference, University of Manitoba.

Feng, F (2002). The Price of forgetting Nature: Silence as subversion, Reclaiming traces of nature through emergent critical narrative. Paper presented at North-West Philosophy of Education Conference, University of British Columbia.

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