What is the study about?

This study examines predictors of psychological distress versus resilience during the transition from elementary school to high school, an under-studied period of development during which rates of mental illness substantially increase. We are working to answer questions such as: How can we identify students who are at greatest risk fo having difficulty during the transition to high school? What places them at increased risk for mental health difficulties? How can we help them?

Eligibility criteria

  • Participants must be fluent in English
  • Child should be about to transition to a new High School (currently in Grade 7, entering Grade 8 in Fall 2019)
  • Cannot be moving within 6 months


Participating families will be compensated with a $60 honorarium for the first two lab sessions at UBC and $70 for the completion of follow-up sessions, for a total of $130.

Interested in participating?