I am currently in my second year of studying philosophy and I enjoy it a lot. Philosophy is a broad discipline and applicable to pretty much any area of life and even beyond life. My first exposure to philosophy was in high school when I took a women’s literature class and had to apply feminist philosophy to texts. I really started falling in love with philosophy when we studied and discussed Plato’s Republic and Hobbes’ Leviathan in Arts One. The small class environment that bred some amazing discussions and I realized that I really enjoy the ideas and discourse that can come with studying philosophy.

The journey to deciding on what to settle in terms of my studies has been and is still a rocky one. I have not settled on my major yet (I declare at the end of the year), but I’m happy for now to keep my options open. I am interested in so many other subjects, from gender studies to economics to political science to English literature to history, that I just don’t feel ready to settle on one thing yet. Ultimately, I know that as long as I put my mind to it, I will be okay in anything I choose.

This is a tag of a couple samples of my past essays and work for other courses. This tag is all of my blog posts from Arts One last semester.