Personal Initiatives

I have always been someone who has loved being involved outside of academics – I truly believe that there is more to school than just the books. As much as there are skills that I have cultivated from academic studies, I think that there are so many things to be learned by just doing.

I really enjoy doing volunteer work. My most recent volunteer work has been with Beauty Night Society, an organization that provides beauty and wellness services to underprivileged people in Vancouver. I also love my work in writing for The Ubyssey, because it allows me to talk to many different and interesting people around campus, and write in a new style that you don’t usually use in academic writing. I’m loving my work as a residence advisor in Totem Park. Again, I feel very fortunate to be afforded the opportunities to pursue activities outside of classes and I think that they will help me a lot in the long run.

Writing for The Ubyssey

Writing and being involved with the Ubyssey has been such a great experience and has given me a really good view of what is happening on campus and has given me a chance to learn a new way of writing and professionalism.

Vancouver’s pricey housing market impacts recruitment of UBC professors“, July 25 2016

“Indian Residential School History Dialogue Centre to be built”, Feb 7 2016

“Grad Student Society launches harassment reporting website”, Dec 12 2015

“Conference explores the realities of racism in UBC context”, Mar 27 2016

Residence advising

My role as a residence advisor has been very fulfilling and full of learning, even though it has been challenging at times. I decided to apply to be an RA last year after talking with my RA about it. She encouraged me to apply and I did, because I look up to her and I hoped that I would be able to help contribute to a great first year experience for first years the next year. I was (and still am) so happy that I got the job!

I have learned a lot about how to plan events that would appeal to first year university students, who can be a bit of a difficult crowd to appeal to. I have also learned how to work in a team of other residence advisors to build a community within the house, as well as how to manage my time between all of my work in rez life and my academics. That has certainly been a challenge, but I think I’m improving upon it as well.

Here are some pictures of me doing things with my residents!