Graduate Students

Student Name Program Type Year Principal Co-Supervisor(s)
    Start Finish Supervisor  
N. Comer1 MSc 1989 1992 X
L. Kellman1 MSc 1991 1993 X
K. Stephens1 MSc 1992 1995 X
S. O’Kane MSc (ATSC) 1993 1997 X
J. Lundgren MSc (ATSC) 1994 2000 X
A. Cannon MSc 1996 2000 D. Steyn
J. Salmond PhD 1996 2001 X
J. Torcolini MSc (ATSC) 1997 1999 X
A. Maletto MSc (ATSC) 2000 2002 X
J. Krzyzanowski MSc 2001 2003 X
C. Bennett MA 2002 2005 X
M. Asplin MSc 2004 2006 X
J. Lundgren PhD 2003 X
A. Thai MSc 2005 2007 X
D. van der Kamp MSc 2006 2008 X
L. Erven MSc 2008  2012 X
J. Gallagher MSc 2008  2011 X
J Keane MSc 2010  2012  X
 P Cottle  PhD 2011  X
D. van der Kamp    PhD  2011 D. Moore
A Seagram    MSc  2012 D Steyn

Thesis Topics

Lisa Ervin – Slope temperatures at Whistler, MSc 2008-2010

John Gallagher – A method for distinguishing Free Tropospheric from Boundary Layer Air on Whistler peak., MSc 2008-2010

Derek van der Kamp – Study of the boundary layer structure over Vancouver City using a mini lidar, MSc 2006 -2008

Amy Thai – PM exposure along bicycle routes, MSc 2005 -2007

Matt Asplin – Precipitation Variability in BC – teleconnections and Statistical downscaling, MSc 2004-2006

C. Bennett – Health Impacts of 1998 Asian Dust Event in the Lower Fraser Valley, MA 2002-2005

J. Krzyzanowski – Troposperic ozone in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia, MSc 2001-2003

A. Maletto – Boundary-Layer profiles of particulate matter size distributions using a balloon-borne lightweight aerosol spectrometer, MSc (ATSC) 2000-2002

J. Torcolini – Ozone and aerosol prediction in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia: A neural network approach, MSc (ATSC) 1997-1999

A.Cannon – Forecasting Indian monsoon rainfall, MSc 1996-2000

J. Lundgren – A climatology of Elevated Layers over the Lower Fraser Valley, MSc (ATSC) 1994-2000

K. Stephens – A synoptic climatology of ground-level ozone for Montreal, Quebec, MSc 1992-1995

S. O’Kane – Aircraft observations of Ozone distributions in the lower Fraser Valley, MSc (ATSC) 1993-1997

L. Kellman – An investigation of winter sesible heat fluxes over Lac St. Louis, Montreal, Quebec, using an eddy correlation technique, MSc 1991-1993

N. Comer – A climatology and mesoscale model intercomparison of summertime Lake Ontario breezes, MSc 1989-1992

J. Salmond – Vertical mixing of ozone in the very stable nocturnal boundary layer, PhD 1996-2001