Undergraduate Geography Courses

GEOB 200 Atmospheric Environments

Physical principles underlying weather and climates. Thermal, moisture and wind climates at scales from valleys to the globe. Daily weather, air pollution, global change. Credit will be given for one only of GEOB 200, 204, GEOG 200, 204, AGRO 244.

GEOG 311 Urban Environments

The impact of urban development on the natural environment and vice versa. Study of the ecology and metabolism of cities and green urban design, using global and local case studies.

GEOB 309 Geographical Biogeosciences Field Course

Field sampling, instrumentation, surveying, mapping techniques, and data analysis; mandatory multi-day field camp in April or May. Special fees and liability insurance are required.

GEOB 402 Air Pollution Meteorology

The nature of atmospheric pollutants. The ability of the atmosphere to disperse, transform, and remove pollutants. Air pollution dispersion models. Air quality monitoring, criteria, and standards.