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The big red E.

Usually, I find the big red E in the middle of Main Mall. The big red E, symbolic of engineering at UBC, is painted onto a somewhat pyramid-like concrete structure that is large enough that you don’t want to lift it yourself, and shows as large of an ego of engineering that other departments want to paint over it out of jealousy – or so I am told.

This morning, I took my usual walk from the Thunderbird residence to my lab in the ICICS building. Including the time I take to pick out and put on my shoes to laying down my bag on my lab desk area takes only about 3 minutes. Literally. So my morning walks are usually not very eventful other than me noticing something about the weather or seeing how full or empty the parking lot near the Forestry building is. But this morning was a little bit different.

I found the big red E on the entrance of the forestry building. Yes, it’s true, and here’s a picture evidence to prove it.

The place where the big E was found this morning.

But what I read at the bottom of the big red E made me laugh. It said “We are a real faculty”.

Of course we are, I thought. And we are a faculty with a sense of humour! I am guessing that Forestry took over the big red E in the Main Mall recently, and the engineering students are trying to get back at them. Regardless of what the behind story is, I think it’s fun to have such a tradition, and a symbolic item for our faculty. It gives me a sense of ‘fun’ and ‘community’, and a somewhat eventful mornings even in my three minute home-to-lab walks.

The Post-Conference Madness

Hey guys….
So… I was at a conference all of last week, and missed the gloomy weather of Vancouver while I was gone. But believe it or not, I actually like Vancouver better than San Francisco, where the conference was held. I didn’t take too many pictures, as I didn’t even bring a camera. But when I got back from the conference, I had to take a picture of my desk, and the mess I had created as my usual post-conference ritual.
What is this ritual? Well, it’s sorting out receipts from the entire week of being gone. Sometimes it feels like going to a conference presses a pause button on your life. But it really doesn’t work that way. While you are gone, you still have to sleep, ride, walk, see and eat. So I had to do all those things too. That also meant that I have receipts from all those activities I did during the conference, which means I must’ve spent money, which means I need to file an reimbursement form to get the money back.
So detailed notes on filling out the form aside, I pretty much ended up with this kind of a desk space in order to tape together and organize the paperwork, that is so necessary for all conference goers.

Eggs… oh the orientation fun..

It’s a super crunch time over here in my world, and I got used to pretending that I am writing my thesis 24/7 non-stop, although I do sleep and eat and all that. So, I am gonna be super short today (kinda – shorter than usual anyway).

Last Thursday, the Mech Department held the annual grad orientation reception organized (I believe) by Yuki, our beloved grad secretary. I’ve been to a couple of these already, and knew the gist of it when I walked in. Although I am technically a new grad going into my PhD, I guess I am still an old grad finishing my masters at the moment.

Anywho, let’s put my babbling aside for now.

The orientation reception started with a bit of munching and crunching followed by short and sweet welcoming speeches by Sheldon (Dr. Green), and Steve (Dr. Rogak) — the Department Head and the Grad Advisor respectively. Then Ambrose did his presentation on how MEGA is awesome and fun and free for all. By then I had to run out to get ready for a scavenger hunt (a.k.a the MEGAMEN Adventures) that Matt Pan carefully put together out last week.

Wearing our epic blue MEGA t-shirts (yes, we are very proud of it, and I love the colour and design, thanks to Tom Huryn, the designer of all cool engineering t-shirts ever printed), the MEGA execs/volunteers ran around with buckets of water, cartons of eggs, lego pieces, tapes, and timers.

I won’t tell you the whole details of each stations the MEGAMEN Adventurers had to go through, because if you weren’t there this year, you missed out and you will have to come to join us next year. But I can tell you that it was a lot of fun that turned into a water-gun fight.

Too childish for grad school? Maybe.

But c’mon. You know you’ve longed to participate in these things secretly and ever so desperately.

Besides, it’s not like you suddenly grow too old for everything and become practically too boring for epic ROFL sessions as soon as you get your foot in the door of grad school.

Anywho, I don’t know if I have the permission to post pictures of the fun we had on Thursday, so instead of risking it, what you see above is an evidence of fun that does not involve faces of the MEGAMEN Adventurers.

Thank you, Sarah, Ida, Behrooz, Navid, Eric, Arka, and Wesley for making it happen, and the four teams for participating!

Looking forward to even more fun next year! Woot woot! 😀