Anupam Biswas

Introducing Anupam:

I was born and brought up in a small town named Sindri in the coalfields of Jharkhand province of India. Since my childhood, I was replete with a desire to enhance my knowledge in the realms of science and technology. So after completing my higher secondary education from De Nobili School, I appeared for an engineering entrance examination and won a seat in the Department of Mechanical and Mining Machinery Engineering, Indian School of Mines in July 2004. I studied there for a year and I was not satisfied. So I took the engineering entrance test again and this time I found myself at the portals of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, to begin my education in the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

After four years of an inspiring and vibrant stay in IIT Kharagpur, I knew it was not the end. The four years had changed my life in innumerable ways. Even after working for a year in Fluidyn, a firm in Bangalore, India, that handles multi-physics industrial projects, I realized that neither time nor the glamour and distractions of city life had quelled my thirst for scientific knowledge. I wanted to continue my education and so, driven by my propensity to do research and an intrinsic wanderlust, almost three months back, I was in an Air Canada flight to Vancouver, on my way to pursue my graduate studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia, mesmerized indeed by the beauty of BC.

All my life I have followed things which have inspired me. And I have preferred to be servile to my heart than to my mind. It is the bliss that is derived by helping another human being; it is the sublime feeling of being useful to society that has been guiding me. Sometimes I have been involved in arts and cultural activities. And there have been times when I have found myself campaigning and rallying on the streets of Bangalore, sometimes against the government’s inaction to fight vehicular and industrial pollution and sometimes against misuse of electricity by the common public. Life has been fast and colorful. But still a feeling persists that this is only the beginning and that we have to go a long way. I believe we need to make this world a better place and I have a strong conviction that I will be able to do so with the knowledge I gain through graduate education.

With perseverance and passion
To leave a mark behind
I know I’m here in UBC
A place of mind

Anupam Biswas
MASc student
Mechanical Engineering, UBC

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  1. Rahul Sharma

    Hey Anupam..Gr8 mate, nice to see you and read your blog. Just amazing man. Cheers to everything you do mate..
    Drop me a mail if you feel like.



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