Conflicts and Struggles over Water Territories

Module developed by Lena Hommes, Associate Researcher, Wageningen University; Professor Rutgerd Boelens, Wageningen University;
Scott McKenzie, PhD Student, University of British Columbia;
KJ Joy, SOPPECOM and Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India.

Welcome to Conflicts and Struggles over Water Territories!

This module is about contestations around water and water territories. It provides participants with exemplary case studies and conceptual skills that help to analyze the multiple dimensions involved in water conflicts. Thereby, participants’ understanding about contestations as well as forms of resistance is enhanced. Topics such as water politics, water justice, indigenous rights struggles, transboundary water conflicts, the role of law in water conflicts and community building form part of the module.


Submodule Duration
1. An Introduction 1.5 hours
2. Political Ecology and Water Justice: Conceptual Building Blocks 2 hours
3. Contested Water Territories: Water Grabbing 2 hours
4. The Right to be Different: Indigenous Struggles in Ecuador 2 hours
5. Transboundary Water Conflicts 1 hour
6. Water Law and Conflict 1 hour
7. Resistance, Social Movements & Community Building Around Water 1 hour

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