Rural – Urban Connections and the Peri-Urban

Module developed by Dr. Vishal Narain, Professor, Public Policy & Governance at MDI Gurgaon; Sumit Vij, PhD Researcher, Wageningen University and Dr. Anamika Barua, SaciWaters

The module will sensitize participants to the periurban dimensions of and rural-urban linkages in water governance. The focus will be on how urbanization processes engender rural-urban transformations and create new intermediary spaces between the village and the city and how this impacts water resources governance and the flows of water between rural and urban areas.

Participants are then exposed to different theoretical frameworks for studying these processes, their equity and justice dimensions and important governance and public policy issues in addressing the challenges posed by them. Three main approaches shall be used in the module to bring about an understanding of various aspects of water governance. First, a political ecology approach shall be used to develop an understanding of the importance of power and politics in the management and governance of water resources. Second is the socio-technical approach, which aims to bring about an understanding of the changes in technologies and institutions that shape water governance in periurban contexts.

Lastly, social-ecological systems approach shall be used to recognize the aspects of access, usage, and control over resources by different stakeholders. This approach will also help in exploring the interlinkages between the society and ecology at different scales.

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 Submodules Duration
 1. Current Urbanization processes: trends and overview 1.5 hours
 2. Growth of periurban spaces 2 hours
 3. Conceptual issues and debates in classifying or demarcating periurban 2 hours
 4. Rural-urban water flows: concepts and theoretical frameworks 2 hours
 5. Implications of urbanization processes for water use and access 1 hour
 6. Equity and justice dimensions in rural-urban water flows 1 hour
 7. Governance and public policy challenges in addressing periurban water security 1 hour
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