Collaborative/Participatory Research for Water Justice

Module developed by Professor Jacqueline Goldin, Extra-Ordinary Professor, University of Western Cape; Claudia Mukong, PhD Student, University of Western Cape

This module provides  an introduction to ethics and social justice, and the way in which participatory methods can promote – or should promote – social justice.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of participation;
  • Explore the different approaches to participation;
  • Use different participatory tools in learning.

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 Submodules Duration
 1. Introduction to Participatory Research for water Justice 1.2 hours
2. The river of life, making friends with water and experiencing water 1.2 hours
 3. Visual methods, digital story telling   1.2 hours
 4. Moodlines  1.2 hours
 5. Monitoring and Evaluation  1.2 hours
Collaborative Research – Quiz Password: research

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