4. Visual methods, digital story telling

Our next submodule, number four, is around the idea of digital story telling. Digital story telling and the ‘most significant change’ technique. This is about storytelling and connecting to other people and it helps those who are participating in the story to get a better understanding of your world and the way that you see it. Our presenter here is Daniela Gachago, senior lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this submodule, you will be able to:

  • share the power of the camera and the way in which images can capture real life experiences and enable individuals to share these experiences in a meaningful way with others.
  • show how images can help one tell a story and better understand the way in which we relate to the world out there by choosing carefully which images matter and what words can be attached to these images.

Key Concepts

Digital story-telling, imagery, shared experiences

1. Digital Storytelling

Please review this powerpoint of a presentation on Digital storytelling and MSC technique.

Key Readings

Key readings

Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

  • The video starts with images from China – decide on a country that is attractive to you and choose photos and a map of that country so that it becomes accessible to others and they can see why you like or choose that particular country?
  • What type of effects can you use to ‘tell your story’?
  • What are the seven elements of digital story telling?

Further Readings

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