Water Access and Equity

Module developed by Professor Michelle Kooy, Professor, UNESCO-IHE; Cecilia Alda Vidal, PhD Researcher University of Manchester

In this module, we invite you to join us on a journey around the world, using selected case studies as a lens through which to look more deeply into the issues and challenges related to equity and access to water. What are the problems in how people can/can not access water, why do they exist? How can we think about issues of equity and access in ways that are most inclusive, and useful in various contexts? What are the solutions to enable more equitable access to water – not only for water, sanitation and hygiene, but also productive uses?

Bringing together materials produced by an international group of recognized water scholars and practitioners we will lead participants through a series of 5 one-hour sessions dedicated to specific topics on water equity and access to help answer the above set of questions.  Using the case studies, film clips, guided questions, suggested reading, we examine concepts, definitions, framings, and macro level discourses which matter for how water is distributed, but we also highlight the struggles and current campaigns of communities challenging conditions of inequitable access, and look at the policy options which exist, and evaluates their success, to increase equity of access at global and national scales.

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 Submodules Duration
 1. Water Access & Equity: Introduction 1.5 hours
 2. The Human Right to Water and Sanitation 2 hours
 3. Financing Access 2 hours
 4. Equity and participation on water access 2 hours
 5. Gender and water access 1 hour
Access and Equity Quiz Password: equity

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