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We are UBC’s International Relations Students’ Association that has been thriving since 1983. Our mission since then, has been to provide a forum for international discourse and build a strong community for students and faculty to share their interests in international relations. Year in and year out we are among one of the highest regarded student organizations in North America.

To accomplish our mission, we organize, facilitate and host a vast array of events throughout the year which include bi-weekly meetings, guest speakers, beer gardens, conferences, diplomatic simulations and academic publications. Over the years we have built close partnerships with other organizations on and off campus to bring our members unique and enriching experiences that compliment their studies and research. As part of our mission, we look to create a community that bridges academic disciplines from across campus to deliver an inclusive approach to international relations. 

IRSA looks to provide its members and students at large with a networking hub that includes  professionals, academics and other community members that bring enriching experiences to the table. A few of the off-campus organizations we work closely with are the British Columbia Consular Corps, the Canadian Federal Government and the Canadian International Council.

If our mission is accomplished through our events and community, all of our members should finish the school year with a clearer understanding of what an International Relations major can offer after UBC. IRSA strives to give you the tools and connections to find that dream internship, that international work experience or that research position you have been looking for.

  • IRSA Winter Gala Fundraiser
  • IR Career Fair
  • Diplomacy 101
  • Beer Gardens!

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