ARST 596: Journeywomen Ventures – Dr. Marcia Braundy

Students interested in this project should contact Melissa,, and cite project # 2016-64. Please include a resume, cover letter (optional)

Purpose of project:

To formulate and create an archive of the life’s work of Marcia Braundy, a leading Canadian activist in the Women in Trades & Technology movement (see attached workbio); the British Columbia and Canadian women’s movement; Apprenticeship training and Equity in Apprenticeship initiatives in Canada and elsewhere in the world; the building, maintaining and entertaining community at the Vallican Whole Community Centre; the early development of the Slocan Valley Free School (now the Whole School); the Nelson Women’s Centre, the oldest rural Women’s Centre in Canada and many other political and social development projects. We will be using mostly extant materials stored in her Blue Shed and extended home office, as well as online at, to prepare the Archive for placement in either UBC or Provincial Archives, or the Canadian Women’s Movement Archives now housed at the University of Ottawa.

Summary of activities:

Orientation to scope and content of materials
Contribute to a discussion and analysis of feminist ethics in archival development
Review of the documents, video and audio materials, photographs etc.
Decision-making regarding what should stay and what is superfluous to the project
Discussion of access issues
Digitize as required or decided upon collectively

Expectations of end result of project:The host institution will receive much needed labour for the project. The student(s) will gain valuable experience performing a variety of tasks to build a unique library collection.Timeline:

Both a clearing and a preservation in a whole context of historical materials found in the life of a very active person who has lived mostly in rural Canada and produced impact across the country.

For students: The opportunity to work with the living creator and collector of the materials, useful for clarifications, and a deeper understanding of the intent and basis for the materials, as well as reflection on the outcomes.

The initiator of the project will have some space in her life back and know that there is a strong contribution to the historical record of many women’s contributions to the social fabric of Canada.


Time periods in which the project could be supervised (check all that apply):
  • Winter Term 2 (January – April)
  • Summer Session, Term 1 (May – June)
  • Summer Session, Term 2 (July – August)
Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?
The site is located 40 km from Nelson, where Touchstones is located, with free phone access. Laura Fortier will make site visits and there is both public and private transportation to town.

Marcia is also able to assist with finding suitable accommodation and other opportunities during your project work. Please contact Melissa Nightingale (

Considering the project requirements, please suggest suitable coursework as pre-requisite or co-requisite: (e.g. LIBR 580 Collection Management, ARST 515 Arrangement & Description or Archival Materials.)
In addition to completion of the MAS Core, the following coursework would be useful for this project though not mandatory

ARST 545 (3) Advanced Arrangement and Description of Archival Documents (may be helpful)
ARST 554 (3) Database Design [cross-listed with LIBR 554]
ARST 575F (1) The Digital Photographic Record
ARST 575K (3) Personal Archives
ARST 556P (3) Digital Images and Text Collections
ARST 580 (3) Records, Archives, and the Law (might be helpful)

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