LIBR 596: New Westminster Public Library

Students interested in this project should complete the online application form here, please cite the project number 2016-34. Please include a resume, cover letter (optional)

Purpose of the project:
To create a series of workshops on digital literacy skills designed for the staff at a local social service agency. This is a train-the-trainer program to provide digital literacy skills and tools for staff to use with their clients. It is a pilot project that is part of the New Westminster’s Digital Inclusion strategy and aims to provide a sustainable model of providing basic digital literacy skills to the City’s most vulnerable members. Thus there is also a community engagement component.
Summary of activities required to carry out the project:
1. Work with the Digital Inclusion committee members and the host agency to identify key elements and outcomes of the training.
2. Work with library staff to design three to four computer training sessions. (The length of the training and the number of sessions is contingent on feedback from the target organization).
3. Conduct training workshops with agency staff
4. Apply an outcomes-based assessment to the project
5. Prepare a final report that includes an assessment of the method used for identifying training needs, a review of the training (what worked, what didn’t), the results of the assessment and recommendations for future outreach training.
6. Prepare a one-page summary of the project for distribution to the Digital Inclusion Committee members.
Expectations of the end result of the project, for both host and student:
Expectations at the end result of the project for both host and student:
This is a pilot project at the end of which the library will have a model or baseline for designing and implementing digital literacy outreach training and three to four sample training modules for future outreach projects.The student will gain experience working with a community/civic committee, collaborating with a community organization, designing and implementing digital training workshops, and using outcomes-based evaluation for library programs.
Time periods in which the project could be supervised (check all that apply):
  • Winter Term 1 (September – December)
Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?
Ideally by mid December
Considering the project requirements, please suggest suitable coursework as pre-requisite or co-requisite: (e.g. LIBR 580 Collection Management, ARST 515 Arrangement & Description of Archival Materials.)
LIBR 535 is desirable

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