LIBR 596: UBC Rare Books and Special Collections

Students interested in this project should complete the online application form here, please cite the project number 2016-66. Please include a resume, cover letter (optional)

Purpose of the project:
  § To assess the nature, age, condition, and rarity of the Library’s miniature books housed in Rare Books and Special Collections, and to provide custom housing for each item to protect and preserve the collection.
Summary of activities required to carry out the project:
  § Working with the Library’s Conservator, the Library’s Principal Cataloguer and the Head of Rare Books and Special Collections, conduct a project to locate, evaluate and re-house approximately 180 books, identified as “miniature”. The preservation component will consist of retrieving and examining the books, recording condition, size, age and preparing custom enclosures under the direction of the Conservator. The collection analysis component will consist of comparing the books against the Library’s catalogue records (evaluating the quality and completeness of the metadata), investigating the rarity of our holdings, and examining other aspects such as countries of origin, and a characterization of content.
Expectations of the end result of the project, for both host and student:
  § 1. The re-housing, labelling (of enclosures) and condition assessment for at least 90 books.
§ 2. The recording of condition assessment in a database managed by the Conservator
§ 3. The development of a spreadsheet containing data collected on each item (with accompanying documentation to clarify assignment and interpretation of the data) that can be built upon and expanded by the Library.
§ 4. A report providing an overview of the collection as to at least the following aspects: condition, age, origin, target audience and themes.
Time periods in which the project could be supervised (check all that apply):
  • Summer Session, Term 2 (July – August)
Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?
  August 31st, 2017
Considering the project requirements, please suggest suitable coursework as pre-requisite or co-requisite: (e.g. LIBR 580 Collection Management, ARST 515 Arrangement & Description of Archival Materials.)
  Cataloguing and Classification LIBR 511
Survey of Literature and Other Materials for Children LIBR 520
Collection management LIBR 580
Preservation LIBR 587

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