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Students interested in this project should complete the online application form here, please cite the project number 2016-77. Please include a resume, cover letter

Purpose of the project:
Collaborate with a team at OSULP for assessment of a new space opening this fall term. Under direction of the Head of Library Experience and Access Department – the department who manages the public service desks and building for the library – the intern(s) collaborate with a team including the assessment librarian, to assess this prototype space on the main level of the library: The Research and Writing Studio (RWS).
Background: The campus undergraduate writing center will be moving in to the library this fall term, shifting to a studio concept, using a peer to peer model for assisting students with writing related project. The library will be piloting a few research consultant (peers) to work in conjunction with the writing peer consultants. Librarians will also do some studio shifts as well. Adjacent to the space is the new Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) which will also be prototyping a similar pedagogical space in tandem with the RWS. Referrals and coordination is still being developed. A Studio pedagogy model basically means the student stays put and the peer consultants, help them in their location, coming back and forth as needed to assist, as well as pulling in research and SMS peer consultants to help as we scaffold the users learning.
Summary of activities required to carry out the project:
Goals & plans for assessment: We are curious how people walk in and out the space (3 entrances) ; what furniture they use most/how; if they understand how to use the space. The intern will help implement the SUMA tool for space observation in the studio as well as help with focus groups, interviews and observational studies. The intern(s) will help with some planning of the assessment, test techniques and tools, and assist with analysis and summarizing of findings or suggestions of new iterations for the space.
Expectations of the end result of the project, for both host and student:
See Summary of Activities but expectations are that the intern(s) will assist with all aspects of the space assessment and analysis of data collected. Enthusiasm and curiosity for learning methods, tools and techniques is a must, though having experience or coursework in these areas would be a plus it is not required. The intern can work with the Head of LEAD to learn more about methods and tools. The intern(s) will be working with a variety of people at times including the Head of LEAD, the Assessment librarian, librarians, and the many other partners and peer consultants who will be part of the space . A willingness to work with various people in the library to implement tech tools like SUMA, independently, ask questions, make suggestions on process are expected. Analysis and report on data collection will be expected from the intern(s) but will be guided by those also working in the space.
Time periods in which the project could be supervised (check all that apply):
  • Winter Term 1 (September – December)
  • Winter Term 2 (January – April)
Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?
No deadline but timeframe: OSULP is a quarter systems school, with 3 terms during the academic year. We would like an intern for fall term when we launch in late September and work through the fall into December but are flexible with hours. The intern can start before the term to help us prep for intake, observations and assessment planning and does not have to continue for the whole term. We are open to two interns sharing the workload or concentration on one aspect vs another. We also would consider a 2 week placement for a shorter observational internship.
Considering the project requirements, please suggest suitable coursework as pre-requisite or co-requisite: (e.g. LIBR 580 Collection Management, ARST 515 Arrangement & Description of Archival Materials.)
any space planning or assessment course that would be beneficial but not required.

NOTE : OSULP cannot offer any financial support for intern(s), but perhaps can help with space to stay, as we often have dorm space here for visiting scholars to stay in. it’s a very bikeable campus and town and the buses are all free so getting around Corvallis will not require a vehicle. There may be an opportunity to work part time at our Info Desk as well. – intern(s) can inquire if interested to learn more.

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