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Records Management Consultant

Requisition #: 314328

Status: Part Time

School: Academic Centers

Location: Mount Washington Campus

Location City: Baltimore

Location State: MD

General Description

The Johns Hopkins University is hiring an experienced records management consultant for a temporary appointment. The consultant will survey and analyze the recordkeeping environment of the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) and create a records management plan for the primary purpose of identifying and preserving the current and future records of enduring value of the Center.

Size and Composition of the CTY

The CTY currently employs about 190 full-time staff members, most of whom work on the Mt. Washington campus of the Johns Hopkins University. About 2,000 employees also hold part-time and seasonal positions on the Online and Summer Programs staff. CTY maintains 10 functional unit heads that report to the Executive Director. The successful candidate will be given an organizational chart for reference.

History and Significance of the CTY

The CTY is a nonprofit dedicated to identifying and developing the talents of academically advanced K-12 students around the world. Founded by Johns Hopkins psychologist Julian Stanley in 1979, the center draws upon its research and resources to provide today’s brightest students with fun and challenging summer, online, and family academic programs; a community of engaged learners; and a strong foundation for future success in college and their careers.

The Need for A Records Management Plan

CTY contains within it nearly every element of a full university: admissions, curriculum, registrar, international studies, development, finance, communications, human resources, academic departments, administration, research, and more. Each of these elements is continuously producing records.

CTY’s records can be categorized into five groups:

  • Current Records. Active records and inactive records if the same types of records are still being produced by a CTY department.
  • Historical Records. Non-active records that are not also part of an ongoing series, e.g., files belonging to a particular former staff member.
  • Reference Materials. CTY-produced magazines, newsletters, yearbooks, catalogs, reports and other printed materials, as well as the CTY website(s).
  • Media Assets. Photographs and a/v recordings in any format.
  • Artifacts. Three-dimensional objects such as CTY student and staff lanyards and t-shirts.

Some CTY records should be destroyed as soon as their immediate use is over. Others may need to be retained for several years to meet university policy, to mitigate legal liability, or to allow CTY to perform its functions. And yet others should be retained permanently due to legal mandate or to bolster the historical record.

CTY needs to expand its management of records to include email, electronic files and – critically – CIS, CTY’s main database.

CTY is seeking an experienced professional who would undertake a project to:

  • Work with University Archives to create CTY-wide records retention schedules that include both paper and electronic records systems.
  • Work with University Archives to appraise the historical value of non-current records and to transfer to the archives when appropriate.
  • Develop a CTY reference collection of all CTY publications, catalogs, reports and similar works, to include developing a plan to fill in known gaps.
  • Analyze which media assets CTY wants to preserve long term. Significant portions of these materials are currently stored on media that are likely to suffer degradation and data loss in the near future. (This project includes analysis only; the design and implementation of a media management program is anticipated to be complex and resource-intensive enough to warrant a separate project.)
  • Actively select and archive significant CTY artifacts.


$35-$40/hour, commensurate with qualifications and experience, not to exceed 1,000 hours.


CTY Records Management Plan Requirements

While we leave many decisions up to the expertise of the consultant, the records management plan must contain the following characteristics:

  • The plan must accommodate records in any format as they are currently managed by CTY staff: print, digitized, electronic, media, and artifacts.
  • The plan at a minimum must identify which records series merit enduring or permanent retention by the University Archives.
  • The plan must describe a recommended workflow for transferring print, electronic and other records of enduring value from CTY to the administrative care of the University Archives.
  • The plan must take into consideration that it will be followed by a designated Records Custodian (in collaboration with the University Archives) who will not be a trained Records Manager. In other words, the plan must be effective but easy to implement.


Please submit the following information to

  • A cover letter summarizing your qualifications;
  • A narrative describing the work you would be providing and proposed deliverables following completion of the work;
  • Your resume and references.

(No phone calls, please.)

The position will remain open until filled. Once a successful candidate has been identified, a contract will be drafted and signed by both parties.

NOTE: The successful candidate(s) for this position will be subject to a pre-employment background check.

If you are interested in applying for employment with The Johns Hopkins University and require special assistance or accommodation during any part of the pre-employment process, please contact the HR Business Services Office at 443-997-5100. For TTY users, call via Maryland Relay or dial 711.

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