SLAIS LAB ASSISTANT 1 Sept 2017 – Apr 2018 [Deadline extended]

General nature of the duties:

  • Support for Virtual Lab Project:
    • Updating and creating new content for the site
    • Providing support to students using the Virtual Lab
    • Ensuring software related to the Virtual Lab is working properly
  • Technology in the Core
    • Collecting and analyzing evaluation data for the Technology in the Core program using the instruments developed for this purpose (i.e. online survey: pre- and post-test and workshop surveys)
    • Reviewing, updating, and creating new content for the modules in EdX of the online Information Technology Literacy course
    • Re-designing and teaching technology workshops on web design and basics of databases
  • Training support for using facilities and labs and marketing of advanced features of SLAIS equipment:
    • Using advanced features of the display screen in Kitimat group study Pod
    • Using advanced features of SMART Board
    • Using videoconferencing system in the Greig Lab
    • Using advanced features of hardware in the Greig Lab, e.g. eye-tracker
    • Using software in the sand box workstations
  • Availability for ad-hoc online and face to face technical support for students

Desired qualifications:

Highly desirable to have solid web design skills, experience with database design, excellent communication and tutoring skills, ability to learn quickly about new software and technologies, and interest in adult information technology literacy training.


Highly desirable to have practical knowledge in some of the following: HTML, CSS, MS ACCESS, web design principles, relational databases, and software used in library and archival settings.

Term 1: September 1 – December 31, 2017

Term 2: January 1 – April 30, 2018

Number of Hours: 12 hours/week during Winter Term 1 and Winter Term 2

Application Procedure:
Please complete the attached application form and return ASAP to Alynne Pols.

Hard copy form available from reception in the main office.
Closing date for applications extended to September 15th, 2017

Lab Assistant 1 2017-2018

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