Read to Succeed Volunteer – Frontier College

Purpose: “Read to Succeed” is a literacy intervention program, sponsored by Frontier College and delivered to Oak Tree and General Pediatric Clinics.

Oak Tree Clinic provides healthcare services to a high-risk population of families affected by HIV, through the BC Women’s Hospital. BC Children’s General Pediatric Clinic provides services for children with complex medical and psychosocial problems, and children with chronic illnesses.

This literacy program refers trained volunteers and donates a variety of new, good quality books to all children who attend the clinic and are interested in taking home free books. Read to Succeed Volunteers read aloud with children in the clinic waiting room once a week.


  • Read to children waiting for appointments.
  • Pick up new books from Frontier College to distribute at the clinics (not a requirement, only if volunteer has a car).
  • Assist with special projects from time to time such as organizing books or creating posters promoting literacy in a health setting.

Skills, Attitudes, Knowledge:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Experience working with children

Relationships/ Liaison: Health Literacy Information Specialist provides onsite supervision. The Frontier College coordinator provides referrals, initial training and feedback at the end of each semester.

Time Commitment: # hours: Term: Peak Time: 10:00-1:00 or 1:00-4:00 on a weekday 3 hour shift 1 semester commitment


  • General Hospital Orientation provided by Volunteer Resources
  • Full day training provided by Frontier College (8 hours)
  • Volunteer orientation and FSRC tour
  • Introduction and tour with Health Literacy Information Specialist (1 hour)

Benefits and Challenges:

Benefits: Gain experience in a specialized library and a health care setting, while promoting literacy.

Challenges: Slow periods – depends on number of patients/families/supporters attending appointments each week.

Success Measures: Review with Frontier College coordinator 1x/semester

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