Volunteer Student Archivist

Project description

Founded in 1995, Ecotrust Canada has a substantial collection of paper records on site in our Head Office in Vancouver, as well as in off-site storage. The majority of these records have been catalogued but work is required to organize, sort and review the collection, evaluate against a set of criteria and make decisions about what to do with each record.

We are seeking a volunteer student archivist or librarian to assist with:

  • Reviewing the current system, records management policy, and documentation.
  • Updating as necessary, to assist staff on proper searching, filing, retention and disposal procedures, moving forward.
  • Organizing the file records into logical program and departmental areas.
  • Assessing the archival value of stored and on site materials.
  • Making recommendations for digitization processes. If time permits, scanning documents and other assets for electronic archiving, where applicable (i.e. following a search to confirm digital versions exist; and contingent on value determined).


  • Experience with organizing, assessing and archiving materials
  • Excellent analytical and archival skills
  • Some experience with digitization of records
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Creative problem solver and good attention to detail
  • Capable of working independently, while being a good team player
  • An interest in the work of Ecotrust Canada is an asset

Support and Supervision

The student volunteer will be supported and supervised by Lianne Payne, Operations Manager for Ecotrust Canada. This will include regular feedback and one-on-one work.

Impact at Ecotrust Canada

Given the value our staff team places on our archival material as records of the work that has been completed over the past 20 plus years, the work the student contributes will be deeply appreciated. Any direction and informed, professional guidance the student can offer in ensuring proper handling and records management going forward will have a positive, long-term impact.

Time Commitment

We anticipate that this work could be completed over 100 hrs (4-8hrs/week).


To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to lianne@ecotrust.ca – with Volunteer Student Archivist in the subject line.

Library and Archives Posting Ecotrust Canada Sept 2017

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