Volunteer position – The Being Blind project

Do you want to get experience doing a project that has real-world impact? Do you want to use your skills to make a difference in the lives of real people? The Being Blind project team is seeking someone with skills in building online platforms. This platform will be used to explore diverse international experiences of blindness, and to challenge misperceptions of what it means to be blind.

We aim to prompt action & advocacy that will improve quality of life for blind people and build public understanding of blindness.

The narratives of co-researchers and participants, and the photojournalistic work, will form the basis of a multimedia platform.

Contributors include

  • Blind/partially people & those in our support networks can share life experiences,
  • experts who contribute blogs about building personal skills, accessing technologies, action to improve legal, political & social circumstances, etc.
  • The public who will be able to ask questions & interact.

The site will profile people from several countries,

  • probing the experience of blindness in diverse contexts,
  • exploring how we defy stereotypes,
  • exposing stigmas/assumptions that get in our way.

For more information please contact LBulk@mail.ubc.ca

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