Research Assistant, LGBTQ2S Sexual Health Information Seeking Knowledge Translation Project (Two openings)

Join a CIHR-funded knowledge translation project and play a key role in assisting a project meant to provide better access to sexual health information for LGBTQ youth and organizations.

Dates: Part time Starting in May 2018

Pay Rate: $24/hr (Plus 6% for benefits)

Total Hours: Approx. 6-10 hours for a one year period (total 330 hours)

Job location: Vancouver, BC

Problem: Research demonstrates that few LGBTQ2S youth have adequate access to effective sexual health information. Yet, improved access to sexual health information reduces risk behavior in LGBTQ2S youth and facilitates positive sexual health outcomes. Although LGBTQI2S youth often seek out sexual health information online, existing online sources are often not accurate and material is
not presented in a meaningful way.

Solution: We will develop a youth-oriented online resource (website) translating existing research knowledge on LGBTQI2S sexual health in a practical, accurate, age-appropriate, and compelling manner. The resource will provide highly shareable, interactive, and visually compelling content (e.g., animated videos, skill-building games, social media content), as well as other crucial information in
an engaging format to support the sexual health outcomes of the target audience (e.g., conversation guides, fact sheets, jargon decoder). Emphases will be placed on providing information in a way that enhances youths’ engagement with rigorous research knowledge, reinforces the trustworthiness and credibility of information, and ensures youths’ safety and security.

Applications will be accepted from today until 4 pm PDT on May 10, 2018. See details below.

Job Opportunity: Research Assistant

Position Details
The Research Assistant will work directly with Dr. Lisa Nathan & Blake Hawkins (Co-Principal Investigators) to complete literature reviews on topics related to LGBTQ2S online health information practices and youth user engagement. The research assistant will also assist with writing plaintext summaries for the proposed website. There is also an opportunity to provide suggestions for the evaluation of the website along with publishing the literature reviews.

Eligibility: The candidate must have been enrolled as a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in the 2017-2018 academic year.

The successful candidate should demonstrate:
▪ Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
▪ Ability to meticulously and precisely execute detailed job/work tasks
▪ Strong organization and professional skills
▪ Experience with completing literature reviews

Application Details

Applicants should submit a cover letter and a CV to Lisa Nathan and Blake Hawkins.
Applications will be accepted by email at and

04.10.2018.RA Job ad

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