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a quick rant on the American election

I LOVE that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are so close in the race for the Republican nomination. Lets be honest with ourselves, Romney is going to get it, without a doubt. He is what you would call the ‘lesser of two evils’, and I think Americans are intelligent enough to know that.

And thank god you won't have any by the time you have to face Obama

But at the end of the day, I want Obama to stay in the White House. If he is defeated in the upcoming election, essentially the last 4 years of his presidency will be wasted. Obama is playing the ‘long game’ in politics. The strategies he is undertaking to fix the economy and give the US a different international reputation are slated to take more than 4 years.   This is a really interesting article which shows how Obama’s long term plan will render his critics mute by the end of his next term. 

If a Republican gets into the White House, the first thing they will do is scrap the ‘socalist kenyan muslim’ policies of Obama, thereby wasting the long term foundation he is trying to set up. The reality of it is that he is the most centrist Democrat the US has had in a long time, despite the irrational lamentation of conservatives. We voted in Obama on a platform of serious systemic change. It is irrational to say that since we haven’t seen all the results he promised in 4 years, then we shouldn’t give him the chance to achieve them in 8.

Back to why I love the Republican race. The more that Romney and Santorum fight, the more money and effort each of them have to spend on their campaigns. Essentially, Santorum is making Romney spend way more money than he wants to, thereby weakening his ability to campaign when the time for the presidential election starts. This is perfect. The more divided and in disarray the Republican party is, the better chance Obama will have to fulfill the promises he made. So I suppose, in a way, hats off to Santorum. You may be saving the country, but in a different way than you wanted to.

3 Responses to a quick rant on the American election

  1. nielc

    Speaking of money, Obama’s likely to get more and more once the real campaigning starts with the use of a new cellular technique:

  2. jefff

    I don’t think we have to worry about Mitt Romney running out of money. Let’s be realistic here.

    Additionally I think it’s pretty risky to play the long-game in American politics these days especially with the incredibly volatile state. So (knock on wood) if Obama doesn’t win the next election, he has to accept some blame.

  3. ludmila

    I completely agree that Santorum is “saving the country, but in a different way than he wanted to.” That’s great.

    Either way, I hope it all works out in the end (in my democrat mind working out is synonymous with Obama staying in office…!)

    I know Obama needs more time to finish the changes he began in his first term. Whether or not it is wise to play the long-game in American politics these days, he has done it. And that’s that. So I think if he can successfully ‘finish the game’ then it will be worth it. I guess here’s hoping he stays in office for another term!

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