My name is Janice Pang. I am a fourth-year Integrated Sciences student studying molecular biology and immunology at UBC. I am deeply interested in disease pathology and the development of novel therapeutics for disease treatment. Previously, my research has focused on finding microRNA biomarkers for diabetes and investigating the contribution of inflammation in the development of type 2 diabetes. Currently, I am working as an Undergraduate Co-op in the Antibody Characterization and Discovery group at Amgen, assisting in the development of a novel assay for improved biochemical characterization of therapeutic antibodies.

At the age of 13, I was fascinated about the functions and interactions of immune cells and the diverse biochemical pathways within the human body. Although much of my interests for immunology and biochemistry was beyond the scope of my science classes at the time, I was incredibly motivated to study the material independently. My early curiosity and passion for science fueled the beginning of my research career. This subsequently launched me into a five-year journey in science fairs where I had the chance to travel across Canada and the world to present my research. Notably, in 2015, I was selected to represent Canada at the world’s most prestigious science fair, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for my work in investigating the potential of several micro-sized molecules known as microRNAs to be novel attractive early biomarkers for type 2 diabetes. At the competition, I was awarded a Fourth-Place Grand Award in Biomedical and Health Sciences. Science fairs were life changing. I not only had the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded young scientists, but I also learned about the power young people possess to innovate and push the boundaries of science.

As I continue my science journey, I hope to inspire youth to pursue science at an early age.