Introductions: Take 2

I apologize for my previous post where I failed miserably to introduce myself. I shall try again.

If I start at the very beginning of my life, I’m afraid my story will be quite a repetitive one that I’m sure you’ve heard before. We all started out more or less the same, and were born (for the purposes of equality and human rights and so on) pretty much the same. The only things that really matter in deciding the course of events that  follow in our lives are where we were born, when we were born, and to whom.

In my case, I will mention that I was born in Belgrade, Serbia to two very loving, dedicated, and supportive parents. My age does not matter, and I hope that nobody ever finds out how old I am because that will add unnecessary awkwardness to everyone’s lives. I moved to Canada when I was 2 and a half, and then did as most children do growing up: went to school, played with friends, poured water on keyboards and sofas (what, kids don’t do that anymore?), etc..

I must say that I was very into sports when I was young, and also at a great advantage due to the fact that I was an average of a head taller than everyone else and half as skinny. Not much has changed since then – I still love sports (and if I don’t do something active at least every two hours, I get really squirmy) and I’m still taller than almost every other girl – except that I’m not as skinny.

Fast forward to today. I have absolutely no idea what my passions and talents are, but among the many things I like are: cooking, dancing, watching movies, pretending I’m in musicals (especially Grease and Hair), painting rocks, dressing up in my mom’s clothes, playing piano, starting (but never finishing) books, writing really deep poetry and laughing at it the next day, and being fascinated by things.

I chose to attend Arts One because I wanted to discover myself through reading about other people’s experiences, and I thought it might help me figure out what I truly love, would die for, and couldn’t live without. My greatest fear is that I will fail to get out of it everything that it has to offer me and that I will toil away into oblivion doing readings and writing essays with no foresight, thought, or respect for what I am experiencing.

I hope that I have done better than last time at expressing myself and that you now know at least a bit about me.

Thank you,


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