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Culture Jam Pepsi Co.



Pepsi print ad March 2011

In the original magazine advertisement, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is shown drinking a new diet Pepsi product. The heavy use of blue in the theme helps to represent Pepsi and differentiate it from its many competitors. The elements such as the title and the Pepsi can stands out clearly in order to send a message to the audience. The title: “the new skinny can” captures attention since the word “skinny” is colored in blue compared to the other words which are written in white. In addition the Pepsi can corresponds to the “skinny” word due to its appearance of being tall and slim. The use of such trigger words and images in this ad are towards women as a target audience. Overall, the feminine elements of this ad draw upon the perceptions in terms of what beauty is as depicted in media and society. The goal is this ad is to establish relationships with female consumers and to get them thinking that it is okay to be consuming diet soft drinks in smaller amounts and at the same time being able to maintain a model-like figure despite it being very unhealthy.

The problem of this ad that I would be addressing with my jamming is that it creates the misconception of soft drinks and health. Although at first glance it seems like this is ad regarding fashion and style. The ad cleverly disguises itself as a harmless message to which Pepsi is just promoting a new product towards female consumers. Pepsi particularly chose to do this with their diet Pepsi line because they are aware that many women out there desire beauty and a perfect body. Also Pepsi knows that the consumption of soft drinks do not equal a healthy, beautiful, perfect body. It is actually the complete opposite. The underlying problem that is being addressed is that rebranding and reduced portions of an unhealthy product is very misleading and deceitful.



For the jammed version of the ad, I have revealed some of the elements that were hidden in the original ad. The alterations that I did shows that Pepsi’s new “skinny” can product is actually not so skinny. I did so by replacing the original tall and skinny can with an original non-diet Pepsi can. The title was changed from “the new skinny can” to “the not so skinny can” in addition to “less is actually more”. A white crossbones was also added to Sofia Vergara’s exposed eye to show that consuming too much pop is actually hazardous to health and can be deadly. The alterations I did made it clear on the problem of the original ad that I have mention in the analysis.

My Jamming Philosophy reveals the deceitfulness that large corporations place on their consumers by simply stating the truth using words and imagery. My hopes with the alterations is to aspire consumers into making wise choices in the foods they choose to consumer as well as striving for a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to bring awareness on consumption and to help educate individuals on consumer behavior through debunking any misconceptions from social media in particular to women. Society and media have placed much emphasis on outer physical beauty that many become unaware of the inner damages to one’s emotional and physical health from these external pressures. The so-called “skinny” can is a perfect representation of something that looks great on the outside, but quite deadly on the inside which is the actually drink itself.