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barcodes everywhere!

With the widespread use of smart phones and the availability of cellular data, many businesses have begun integrating QR codes into their set of marketing tools.  These QR codes can contain text, URL, or other data.  Most businesses embed a URL and redirect the customer to a more interactive website.

In Drew McLellan’s post, “Stellar QR code example – WorldPark”, he talks about the usage of this bit of technology in a rather unsuspecting environment.

YouTube Preview Image

The way NYC’s Central Park integrated it is quite interesting.  Even though a lot of people have their cell phones in their hands all the time, they don’t take the time to take a picture of these codes.  But these are strategically placed at “Kodak Picture Moments”.  So now it becomes convenient, and the capture rate of the barcodes greatly increases.

This technology is quite old — it was invented in 1994 by Toyota to scan motor parts.  But it is slowly making its way into North American society.  Here is a timeline of the QR code:


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