Arts One: The Odysseus Badge

Named after the hero of Homer’s Odyssey, this badge certifies that Jon Beasley-Murray has completed the longest of journeys: a full year of Arts One Digital. To be entitled to this badge, and to be listed in the Hall of Fame, a student needs to have:

* Read at least 22 of the books on the syllabus
* Watched all relevant lectures on those books and left comments on each
* Written 22 blogposts (500 words each) on the texts
* Commented on 44 blogposts from fellow students
* Written two longer projects (2,500-3,000 words, illustrated)


* scar (on The Odyssey)
* Medea
* intentions (on Oedipus the King)
* hoard (on Beowulf)
* feeling (on Discourse on Inequality)
* Frankenstein
* hope (on The Genealogy of Morals)
* Jekyll and Hyde
* Civilization and Its Discontents
* The Prince
* The Waste Land
* “The Metamorphosis”
* “The Yellow Wallpaper”
* Felisberto Hernández
* Watchmen
* Fray (on Foe)

Longer projects: