Culture Jam “Jammed” AD and Brief written explanation

Culture Jam Penn Remastered

What I did to fix this advertisement was just change the slogan.  I didn’t want to change the image, I personally think there is nothing wrong with this woman, I believe changing the image would in fact be in a way confirming that she is unattractive when that is not the case, and she and any other person would be attractive enough to be the face of my campaign. The slogan however I changed to “If you drink like a man nothing happens, (but we think you should feel unattractive)” this I hope conveys the message that I would like to send out which is that the message of this Advertisement was not to help people with their drinking problems, but to shame women out of drinking all together. Below that I then wrote that “even health advertisements pray on your insecurities.” This was my way of taking this poor health advertisement for addiction and making it into a health advertisement for media consumption. I want to convey the message to consumers that they should be aware of what the advertisement they read are truly saying and how that affects them and what decisions they make. I wanted to put “nothing happens” because I wanted to say drinking like “a man” does not cause alcoholism, the issue is far more complex then that. I wanted to convey that people should not feel ugly for being able to drink as much as their male friends. This does not make you an ugly alcoholic, beauty for one is in the eye of the beholder and is deeper then how you look. Alcoholism is a real problem and should not be conveyed in shallow ways.

Culture Jam Original AD and Brief written analysis

DASL Original Ad

I chose this advertisement because it really bothered me that a health advertisement, something that is supposed to help people, was using the insecurities of women to get its message across. To begin to deconstruct this advertisement, let us begin with the image that they used. The picture shows a older woman with heavy make-up. In this advertisement she is supposed to be seen as unattractive. This is a problem because not only is it shaming this woman for looking the way she does, but it also shames women who may look like her. The next part of the advertisement says “if you drink like a man you might end up looking like one.” This is basically saying a woman who drinks become ugly” this is not only false but misses the whole point of the creation of this advertisement in the first place. It would seem that the point of this advertisement is to combat society’s problems with alcohol, but why just target women, why say indirectly that men can drink more? Alcohol abuse is a huge problem that effects many people. By saying “if you drink like a man,” it implies that men can drink more than women, but by saying this, it implies if you are women and drink as much as a man you have a health problem and men can drink large amounts and have no issues, this ignores struggles that males have with alcohol abuse as well as encouraging stereotypes among the sexes. I really dislike this advertisement, it almost screams, “DON’T DRINK LADIES OR YOU’LL BE UGLY!” Preying on peoples insecurities to help them with other issues in their lives is not a healthy way to deal with addictions. I believe this really harmful to many people