Cultural Jam Assignment

Miss Dior – Objectification of Women

At first sight of looking at the ad, the model is the most visible visual. After the eyes would be drawn to the perfume and the brand, Miss Dior. Lastly the slogan “ and you, what would you do for love?” would be noticed. Miss Dior is a perfume made from the floral sense. The creator, François Demachy, wants the perfume to “burst like that feeling of falling head over heels. A declaration of love to love!” (Demachy, n.d.) Which is why the slogan is around love. Unpacking the ad in parts, what does each item meant in the ad. 

Representation of each part of the ad

Miss Dior’s logo is almost hidden when people first saw the ad. The logo is in black blending into the dark gray background showing that the main focus was not at the brand rather the pictures presented in the ad. The slogan was also not as noticeable with the same colour as the logo and smaller font. “And you, what would you do for love?” Indicated that the perfume is selling women to wear this perfume for their love. Women who wear the perfume would be seen as more attractive to their partner according to this ad. Dior showing the femininity (Eloise, 2017) of the perfume by having a small bow on the top of the perfume and making the liquid rose pink. 

The model on the right is the most visible part of the entire ad. Her dress and hair indicating that she just woke up. She shows a sign of nudity with only the floral blanket covering. This is an objectification of a girl who is young and sexy and is the most attractive to men. The woman is seen as more attractive with the clothing she has and the perfume she is wearing. All of these factors added up to her being more attractive to her man. 

In my edit ad, I changed the slogan and the model. The reason for keeping the product untouched is because I believe the product itself does not have any objectification of women. The bow design on the perfume cap could be an indication of youthful and playfulness of the perfume. I believe the cap adds to the liveliness of the perfume. The logo Miss Dior is the brand image that I want to keep. Everyone who already knows the brand wants something they are familiar with when a brand is going through changes. My goal was to change how the ad is presented to customers. Therefore, changing the logo Miss Dior would be like Apple changing its logo to some other fruits. Customers would not know the product anymore. I choose to change the slogan because the slogan has a huge impact on brand reputation. Changing the slogan can change people’s views on the product and the brand without altering the brand too much so customers cannot recognize it. 

Changing the model into a woman who gives an image of successful, intelligent, and independent. The woman does not have to be sexy and appealing to men to wear Miss Dior. The slogan changed to empowerment, independent, love, indicated that a woman who can wear the perfume for herself and not for men. Nudity did not appear in the new model, what is presented is a woman who is relaxed at home. She represents women who do not have to do things to make men appreciate her. She is putting on perfume because she feels good about herself. Miss Dior is there to boost her confidence.


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