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Hello, I have posted below my video mashup project on the hyper sexualization of women in media. Feel free to take a look!




This Advertisement by Victoria’s Secret with the slogan “All you see is curves” is attempting to accentuate their point that if women choose to wear this line of undergarments defined as BODY By Victoria, their curves will be highlighted and they will be “sexy” and “beautiful” just like the model. Although this model is an extremely beautiful woman, she is not typically defined as a “curvy” woman and is actually quite thin. The problem here is that this sort of advertisement is detrimental to the health and sanity of all women who see this ad. Not only is it brainwashing the minds of women into thinking that this is the “ideal” and “curvy” body which is creating enormous insecurities due to the fact that it is physically attainable but it is also objectifying and degrading to women altogether. Understandably, Victoria’s Secret is mostly an undergarment store for women, but this photo is extremely sexualized in an attempt to catch the eyes of both men and women.

Although this type of advertisement does in fact help with sales because women see this and buy their undergarments in the hopes of looking like the model, most women come to the realization that their body does not look the same and it really affects themselves psychologically and physically. What is interesting is that this is the only type of woman they would put on this ad. By this I mean that if a more curvy woman was placed on this ad the effect would not be the same. In our society, not only does sex sell, but female body images as well. Overall, the way we see beauty has been so narrowed that all women feel that in order to be and feel beautiful they have to look like this model. Essentially, the main problem is that this culturally defined “ideal body” is simply unrealistic and unattainable for most women and cannot continue.



In order to make people come to the realization of what society is doing to the female body I have made an extreme adjustment to this ad by completely changing the model to get a vital point across to women everywhere. The female body is beautiful and curvy and whatever they want it to be. We must not adhere to what society defines as the “ideal body” we must love and be loved for who we are no matter what your shape or size is. If the company would actually stand behind the ideas they put forward that ALL women and ALL bodies are beautiful they would have no problem with this other model being in the advertisement.

Although it is sad to admit it, if this was the real ad I believe that the company would not only be ridiculed but the new model would be as well. Unfortunately, our society has forged into our minds what type of woman should be on a bra or underwear ad and this woman would not fit those standards. I chose this photo because she is smiling. This woman is clearly happy with her self and body and it is unfortunate that ads like the original one have made women feel embarrassed and insecure of their own bodies.

What I am aspiring to invoke is that  we need to treat women as equals and with the utmost respect no matter what shape their body is. The idea of this ad for women to “show off their curves” is great because women need to learn to embrace their own self, however, the company needs to stick to these words by switching up their typical model. By doing this, they could really change the world in terms of body norms and make all women feel more comfortable in their own skin around the world.


  • Jenoa Rabinovitch

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