Rogers Marketing Strategy: Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Canadian mobile users have disputes on which mobile company has the best and cheapest cell phone plans, and they always end up with three: Rogers, Telus, and Bell. With Rogers’ new service, “Rogers Alerts”, hopefully those disputes will subside. Their new service that is yet to be launched will help spread news about their new promotions while connecting their advertisers to their customers. With phones being the device that people always carry around, this marketing strategy is effective for Rogers to directly interact with customers.

Because there is a low barrier and many substitutes in the Canadian mobile phone market with leading companies like Telus and Bell, customer’s choice is crucial for Rogers. Bell, Telus, and Rogers all have the same value propositions, but what differentiates them are their plans and services. To interact with customers directly, to know the opinions of their target market, and to put customer’s opinions into consideration is a step forward for Rogers, a step ahead of the other top mobile phone companies. Roger’s innovative marketing strategy gives them an advantage to potentially secures customer’s choice that is critical to beat Bell and Telus. Perhaps with more advancement like these, more customers will choose Rogers over Bell and Telus.


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