Culture Jam Assignment

My original ad is a cover of Interview Magazine shot by Steven Klein of Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North West. The main problem of this ad is how Mrs. West and her daughter are portrayed as the First Lady and the first daughter. More specifically, Mrs. West is styled as Jackie Onassis, the First Lady to John F. Kennedy. I would like to address how it is not a problem on how Mrs. West is portraying the First Lady, but instead, this is a critic on the concept of fame and celebrity status. More specifically, celebrities are held at such an untouchable status that they hold great power and influence over the vast majority. For example, Mrs. West’s “claim to fame” all began with a sex tape, but now after years of being on reality TV shows she grew under the public eye. Today Mrs. West is known as a monumental celebrity, businesswomen, model and now, comparable to a First Lady? I believe the main theme that this ad unveils is the blurred line between celebrities and politics. To me this raises questions on how the general public views politics and celebrities. Are politics just a system of fame, gossip and lime light that lost the meaning of rigour, responsibility and professionalism? Do celebrities share the same qualities and responsibilities as a First Lady? This theme is seen today in US politics as the current United States President and First Lady have deep ties with world-wide fame and immense scandal.


In my jammed ad I wanted to blur the lines even further between celebrities and politics by creating an unrealistic tabloid magazine cover featuring Cardi B and Offset as the First Lady and President of the United States. This cover is the extreme take on the original Kim Kardashian magazine cover. Cardi B is a former stripper who is now is a famous hip hop artist, TV and social media personality. Offset is Cardi B’s boyfriend who is a famous rapper with a history of criminal charges and narcotics. In my cover I had Cardi B and Offset boarding the Air Force One and included other pictures and captions. The other images and text are to highlight the hyperbolic combination of politics in celebrity tabloids. I wanted to invoke a sense of ridiculousness and irrationality in two ways. First off, the idea that news coverage on political matters would be covered in a tabloid magazine such as the “POTUS Daily”. Secondly, I introduced the idea that Cardi B and Offset could become the First Lady and President. The irrationality with this idea is how individuals with a history with criminal charges, narcotics, and stripping could be accepted into these roles as political figures. But these two very points of obscenities aren’t actually so obscene. This leads to further reflection on politicians today. As I mentioned earlier, the current President isn’t a stranger to scandal and bigotry. This very fact is directly linked to my tabloid cover and supports the theme of a blurred line between politics and celebrities. If we look at this jammed ad and feel a strong sense of ridiculousness, why can’t we look at today’s political situation and recognize the same ludicrously? Through this reflection on my tabloid cover, I hope everyone can realize the underlying theme that is prevalent in current politics.