The war of advertisement

There are small “wars” going on here and there in the advertising world as companies try to appeal their point of differences to the consumers by directly referencing their competitors. One of the most notable battles going on after the Pepsi-Coca cola battle that each appealed respectively their youthfulness and classical images, are the battles between multiple car brands. It is no surprise that the car brands are referencing each other in advertisements as they exist in a fiercely competitive market where an edge in anything, whether it be engines, appearance, or name values, could directly affect the sales of that car.



In the article, there are different ads that each either promote their brands strong points such as winning the car of the year, or having the greatest appearance, engines, or ABSs, or degrading other brands, such as the picture show, in BMW and Audi each trying the show the deficiencies of the other cars

These advertisements can hardly be called “friendly competition” but it is still a healthy competition as the companies are each showing their points of differences for the customers in a funny attractive way

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