Canadian Coffee bought by Fast Food Chain

Recently, Tim Horton’s company merger with fast food restaurant Burger King reached my ears. Many of my friends, including myself, were confused as to the Tim Horton’s decision. I feel that their current decision will weaken their currently communicated value proposition – a Canadian drink. Proven scientifically that “Canadians believe Time Hortons is reflective of Canada” (Gollom), people will begin to forget that Tim Hortons came from Canada.

Yet, by merging Tim Horton’s and Burger King, Tim Horton’s is able to expand its market regions into the United States. This actions not only creates a new source of revenue but it also gives Tim Horton’s an official entrance into the big competitive market with Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Blenz Coffee. By cooperating with Burger King, Tim Horton’s is able to strengthen its brand awareness through its expansion opportunity and the financial support from Burger King’s. Furthermore, because Burger Kings is already well established in the US, its brand will act as a medium for Tim Horton’s to start-up as a “new company” in the states and eventually globally.

               However, Tim Horton’s will need to change some of its marketing strategies when targeting customers. Because some of the current tactics used the notion of “a Canadian brand” to attract customers in Canada, Tim Horton’s will face more marketing and promotion difficulties with the loss of a main connection with its customers in the United States.


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