About me

I am a Forest Engineer from the University of Chile. I have collaborated with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the south of Chile regarding sustainable forest management and sustainable production of fuelwood based on the Native Forest. Before I came to Canada I was a research assistant in the Forest Research Institute of Chile (INFOR), where I worked with rural communities in a Project related to Honey Production in the north of Chile.

I completed my M.Sc. in forestry at UBC Faculty of Forestry under the supervision of Dr. John L. Innes. Working with Dr. Innes, I was part of the Sustainable Forest Management Research Group (SFMRG) and my research focused on climate change and Indigenous knowledge in the Nisga’a Land (Northwestern British Columbia).

Currently, I am in the sixth year of my Ph.D. program in the Faculty of Forestry. In this part of my journey, I have decided to continue working in Dr. Innes’ research group. For this research, my focus has been placed on Indigenous communities from Chile, with a particular interest in the struggles of Mapuche communities. For more information on my current research, visit Contested lands and climate change.