by Jordan McGarry on November 7, 2010

Currently: Listening to Hello (Sidney Samson Remix) – Martin Solveig and Dragonette

All I have to say is: that extra hour of sleep was absolutely crucial to maintaining my sanity. It felt so good to wake up at 8:45 and not feel like a zombie. I hope DST stays around forever!

BY THE WAY, The nice weather in the middle of November is amazing! Also, here’s a joke:

Figure One: Good times at Irving.

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UBC/BCIT Biotechnology Honours Program

by Jordan McGarry on September 25, 2010

Currently: Procrastinating…

So, it’s been almost a month since I posted, and I have good reason! Life has been so ridiculously busy as of lately. Working, Studying, Partying… their getting to be quite the time-takers! So let’s catch up Blog World..

First off, I’d like to welcome all the new UBC Blog Squad members. Everyone needs to go check out their blogs right this second, my blog is boring.

Second, Let me fill you in on the UBC/BCIT Joint Honours Program in Biotechnology. So basically, this program starts in 2nd year. You go to BCIT for two years for their practical lab work and such (their lab equipment is a lot nicer than anything at UBC) Then you come back to UBC for another two years, so basically 5 years of full-time schooling (Honours programs require you to take at least 30 credits a term) BUT! The program is really awesome, and so far I am loving it. You travel around in your class of only 20 students together, and you become very very close with every single one of them. Of course, the courses are really hard, but if you can handle them this program is pretty awesome. But why do we go to BCIT you ask? Well, it’s for their lab equipment and skills. So far, the labs are pretty basic because its only been two and a half weeks, but looking ahead, we’re going to be doing some pretty awesome things. For example, create a Animal Cell Line (grow Animal Cells in a Medium) and do some Plant Cloning. All of this is happening in the first YEAR too. Going to be awesome. All you first year students, I would highly recommend looking into this program and if you think it’s something you would like to try, PURSUE IT! Feel free to contact me if any of you would like even more information!

As for my DJ Career, I still do Republic Thursdays, which have been a blast as usual. But most recently, I managed to get a timeslot at the one and only Doomsnight (Halloween Party at the PNE Coliseum)

This event is HUGE for me. PNE Coliseum Events have always been THE party for the Electronic Dance Community of Vancouver. Me, getting a timeslot there, is literally like a dream come true. Even if it is on the Talent Stage (front stage that isn’t TOO big) I don’t mind, it’s going to be a good party and I’m excited to be contributing to the night. For more event details, if any of you are interested: Dooms Night Event Page on Clubzone


So, I haven’t posted a Episode here in awhile, so here’s the next installment! Hope you all enjoy it!

House Musik Episode 9

1.) Miami 2 Ibiza (Vocal Version) – Swedish House Mafia
2.) Pon De Street (Seejay Edit) – Afrojack
3.) Otherside – Red Hot Chili Peppers
4.) It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop (Sidney Sampson Remix) – WTF? Dead Prez
5.) I am Your DJ (Angerr Dimas Remix) – Butterbox
6.) Hangover (Original Mix) – Darmon, Eran Hersh, George F
7.) I’ll Be There (Main Mix) – Afrojack
8.) Pump Up the Jam (Crowd is Jumpin Mix) – Technotronic, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike
9.) Memories (Armand Van Helden Vocal Remix) – David Guetta, Kid Cudi
10.) Pon De Foley (Ludachrist Remix) – Major Lazer, Harold Faltermeyer
11.) Take Over Control (Original Vocal Mix) – Afrojack
12.) One More Time (Original Mix) – Daft Punk
13.) One (I Wanna Know your Name) – Swedish House Mafia, Pharrell



Books For Sale!

by Jordan McGarry on August 24, 2010

So, as a new year rolls in, I’d like to extend my offer to sell my used textbooks to upcoming students in first year, or to other students taking first year courses. Here’s a list of what I have to sell!

E-mail me at jmcgarry1337@gmail.com if you’d like to purchase or make a different offer to what I have posted.

  • Physics 101/102 Textbook – Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2/E Volumes 1 to 5 Package (No Mastering Physics / Workbook) – 140$
  • Biology 112/121 Textbook – Biological Science 3/E Volumes 1 to 3 Package (No Mastering Biology) – 90$
  • Math 100/101 Textbook – Calculus: Early Transcendentals 6/E with Solutions Manual – 140$
  • Chemistry 123 Textbook – Custom UBC Edition “General Chemistry” with Solutions Manual – 50$

All textbooks are in good condition, no writing in the pages. I’m willing to take offers if these prices aren’t reasonable to you. Happy “textbook” shopping!

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I wish Video Games were never invented…. secretly

by Jordan McGarry on July 17, 2010

Currently: Not wanting to work tomorrow morning at 7:00am…. but I need the money.

As Summer treks along, my list of things that can keep me occupied becomes shorter and shorter. Lately, I’ve been so ridiculously bored, that I’ve even resorted to watching every single YouTube “Top Viewed” Video… everyday. But the thing is, I have so many things that I could be doing. Going to the beach with my friends, working out (getting in shape is something I really need to start on), working more hours and making more cash money, or just plain out partying! The problem is… I’m lazy. I hate getting out of this throne (or office chair for all you normal people) that is in front of my dual monitor gaming computer rig.

This past week, the Old Spice man (If you have no idea who this is, go check out the Old Spice Commercials on YouTube… brilliant advertising in my opinion) has been replying to random twitter comments, youtube comments, and internet replies from random users. I’ve spent a good 2 to 3 hours just watching these videos. They pretty much consumed an entire day of my life. Here is a link to my favorite one, if you like this one, go check out the rest of them… It will be the best couple of hours of your life.

Old Spice Man’s reply to Mathew Sinclair

But I don’t just spend 100% of my time in the world of Youtube. I managed to get my hands on a Starcraft II Beta Key… could’ve been the worst/best mistake of my life. I’ve been playing for about 3 to 4 hours a day… sometimes more. All I gotta say is… VERY VERY ADDICTING. If you’re planning on getting the game, be prepared to throw your life away for a couple of weeks. All I can do is play against other players and I am already addicted. I remember playing through the first Starcraft Game… and I’m sure many of my male readers have memories much like mine. For all you video game nerds out there, I’ll be posting my analysis on the game after the Beta is over. Although, you can also search YouTube, there are lots of players who just post videos with commentary, in particular HDStarcraft and HuskyStarcraft.


So, this week’s House Musik Episode is dedicated to all my amazing cousins. I am blessed to be in such a loving and caring family. My best friends are my cousins, and I wouldn’t of had it any other way. Not to mention… all my cousins are ridiculously talented. (Especially me) I will be leaving for a 3 day trip to Whistler with all of them, and I am so stoked for it! We are going to be playing “Don’t forget the Lyrics”… and I am prepared to lose. (Considering 90% of the songs I listen too have absolutely no words in them) I am so happy to be born into this family!

House Musik Episode 6 – Dedicated to my Cousins



Honours Degree in Biotechnology

by Jordan McGarry on July 6, 2010

Currently: Sending everyone I know a link to my mix on SoundCloud

This week, I was accepted into the joint honours degree program for Biotechnology between BCIT and UBC. I’m not sure how many students were accepted, but not a lot, I know that for sure. This program entails me going to BCIT for two years (for their more advanced labs), starting this September, then coming back for another two years of studying at UBC. The entire time, I have to maintain a average of 75%, which will be tough, but is definitely do-able. I am not looking forward to leaving the amazing UBC campus, but I’m sure BCIT will be just as good. It will be close to my cousin’s work place at EA Games, so I’ll be able to visit for lunch! But at the same time, It’ll be far away from all my best friends over at UBC, but fret not, I will most definitely come over to UBC as much as possible. I feel so fortunate to have done well in 1st year, enough to get into a honours program. Now to do just as well in 2nd year. I have to fill out a whole new application form for BCIT, I’ll be both a UBC Student AND a BCIT Student. WOWZAS.  Gonna be a very annoying process though, I have to go back and get a High School Transcript, and then also get a UBC Transcript… UGH. But all in all, I am proud of myself. When I found out that I got into the program, there was only one thing I could do…. Party.

With Summer School over… the only thing I can do is Party. Nothing to do at home! This week was Armin Van Buuren and Benny Benassi at the new Vancouver Convention Center. All I gotta say is…. WOW! What a amazing show, possibly the best party I’ve ever been too, and I’ve been to A LOT of parties. A little angry that it had to end at 1:30am because the Vancouver Convention Center Staff were ashamed to be holding a event in which people were doing illegal substances and getting drunk. Honestly, I feel like House, Trance, and all the Techno Genre’s of music are going to be the new Mainstream Genres. It is only a matter of time before all night Techno Parties become the only events young people will attend. DJs will soon be making much more money than singers and songwriters. All it takes is time, and the next generation to rise up!

Speaking of Techno Music, THE RETURN OF HOUSE MUSIK. I am going to be doing it again weekly, but this time it’ll come on Monday, and you don’t need to download it anymore! I made a account on SoundCloud which allows me to stream the entire set. Unfortunately, it will only allow me to save up to 2 hours of music. So I will only keep a mix up for a time period of two weeks, then you have to download it off my original site (I will post links). Tracklists will also be posted on SoundCloud. Here is a link to this weeks mix!:

House Musik – Episode 5

Enjoy! Hope you all are finally enjoying the good weather!


Electronic Daisy Carnival 2010

by Jordan McGarry on June 29, 2010

Currently: Sitting in my room, contemplating on thoughts of cleaning it… but won’t actually act on these thoughts.

This past weekend was possibly the biggest Electronic Dance Music event in all of North America. The Electronic Daisy Carnival in L.A. brings in about 100,000 people from all over the world, along with only the best of the best in the Electronic Dance scene. It takes place at the Exposition Park and Memorial Coliseum… which is where the NBA Championship Parade usually ends. The mainstage area fits 100,000 people at normal capacity, and 60,000 people at this event! Multiple stages were set up, each fitting more than 5,000 people each at the bare minimum. Basically, this event is HUGE.

I’ve made it mission, to attend one of the upcoming EDCs (short for Electronic Daisy Carnival) in the near future. No matter how much work I have to do to go, I will end up going! If my blog is any indicator of how much I love Electronic Dance Music, then you know how badly I want to go! Alright, so there’s good music… but that’s not all! Believe it or not, there is a full amusement park ready for you when you get there to be used while the banging tracks are in the background. This is the place to be in June, that is clear.

As for life in Vancouver, let the partying begin. CHEM 233 IS FINALLY OVER! The after Chem 233 was over, I went to Library Square for 90s night (which is actually really really fun, and I encourage everyone to go to there!), Afrojack Live at Caprice (he is my idol), and on a Club Hopping night between Caprice, Republic, and the Roxy. All I gotta say, is that life is good right now. Tomorrow I am going to a couple of Pubs/Bars, getting a couple of free drinks, then going over to the Post Modern to party at midnight for Canada Day! It’ll be a good night.

Along with all the partying, I had to make a decision on the Major I wish to pursue. After a lot of careful thought and what seemed like years of debate with my friends… the winners are:

1st Choice: Honours in Biotechnology
2nd Choice: Major in Pharmacology
3rd Choice: Combined Honours in Chemistry and Biology

I think I set my standards too high… I think that I’ll be some genius one day… but yet I party instead of hardcore studying. Anyways, expect a mix soon, I have like 9 on my laptop just sitting there… I guess I’ll post one!


Only way I am surviving Chem 233

by Jordan McGarry on June 17, 2010

Despicable Me

Chem 233 is hard…. really hard…. I warn you all now… BEWARE OF CHEM 233!!


For every ending… there’s a new beginning!

by Jordan McGarry on May 1, 2010

Currently: Cleaning up my room… it looks like a Tornado went through here.

FIRST YEAR IS OVER!!!!!! Congratulations my fellow First Year’rs, and welcome to Summer! This year at UBC was absolutely amazing! All of the hard work I had to go through, was canceled out by the fact that I had the equal amount of fun! I was fortunate to get amazing Profs, and met the most amazing people. I owe it to everyone I’ve met this year for the fortunate grades I’ve been getting, I don’t think I could’ve done it without every single one of you. I hope I still manage to be friends with all of you next year!

As for Exams, my exams weren’t tooooooo bad, some of them were quite brutal… but I’m glad they are over. Hopefully I did well, enough to maintain my average. It is going to be a long summer ahead of me, dealing with Chem 233 and Micb 202, but in the long run, it’ll be worth it! If all works out, and I get the schedule I want for 2nd year, I could only be going to school on Tuesday and Thursday for the ENTIRE year!!

But don’t worry! I’ll have my equal share of good times during the summer! I’ve already bought tickets to so many events! DJ Chuckie on May 14th, Fusion Dreams on May 22nd, Global Deejays on May 23rd, and Armin Van Buuren + Benny Benassi on July 3rd! AND SO MANY MORE TO COME. This Summer is gonna be BUMPIN’. I hope all of you have a good summer too, 4 months is a lot of time to kill, might as well go partying! If you are interested in any of the events above, just go to Clubzone.com and purchase some tix! Then tell me so we can party together.

Last weeks House Musik Episode was delayed until today due to studying for Exams and the like. So to make up for it, I tried to put my FAV tracks in it. This House Musik Episode Three is dedicated to all of my friends and family who made my first year such a great success!!!

House Musik Episode Three

Track List:

  1. Actin’ Up At Zenobias – Bird Peterson
  2. What It’s About (Ryan Riback Mix) – MC Flipside and A-Divizion
  3. Your Banana (Stefano Pain & Marcel Booty Mix) – Looka
  4. Rocking The Set – Tai
  5. Doop (Uppermost Remix) – Squeeze (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
  6. Blau! – Laidback Luke ft. Lee Mortimer
  7. Big Bass – DJ Bam Bam ft. Whiskey Pete
  8. Sexy Chick – David Guetta ft. Akon
  9. The World Is Yours – Sidney Samson
  10. Woo Boost (Subskrpt Edit) – Rusko

ENJOY! Talk to you all next week.

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Currently: Listening to World Is Yours – Sidney Samson, and procrastinating.

I activated Googly Analytics on this blog of mine, which basically means I see how many visitors come here everyday. It also shows me what people search on google when they are surfing the web. Some of the things people search are quite funny, but don’t worry, I have no idea who searched these things. Here’s a list of some of the funny ones I stumbled across.

1.) best ways to study when your are doing bad
What makes this pretty funny, is the last part that is completely irrelevant. The best ways to study don’t require you to do bad. Whoever this person was, obviously didn’t find what they were looking for on my blog, because they only spend 22 seconds on here.

2.) is it harder to get good grades at ubc?
As opposed to where? Funny thing is, the person who searched this ended up spending a good 20 minutes on my blog… and I have nothing about the topic they were searching. Apparently, getting side-tracked is easy!

3.) how to make a beat like steve angello
Steve Angello is a music producer, for anyone who didn’t know. This person must’ve searched deep into google to find my blog, because there are thousands of sites on how to make beats, and how to produce music. I doubt my blog is anywhere close to the top of the search list.

4.) i think i’ll take a hiatus from facebook
Thanks for telling google I guess?

Anyways, those are all the funny ones for now, the rest are all normal. Good luck with the last couple of days of school everyone!


House Musik Episode One

by Jordan McGarry on April 9, 2010

Currently: Sitting in Irving… procrastinating.

So, as a new summer approaches, I’ve decided I’m going to try and post a weekly mix. I’ll be posting the link on this blog, along with a Tracklist for any that are interested. The mix will be up every Friday, normally in the early afternoon. It will mainly comprise of dance music, such as House, Electro House, Breaks, with some Mainstream House Remixes sprinkled in there. Here is the first episode of “House Musik” a weekly mix by your neighborhood blogger.

House Musik Episode One


1.) This Time (Klaas Remix) – DJ Antoine
2.) Where’s your Head at (Klaas Remix) – Jean Elan
3.) Raven (Crookers Remix) – Proxy
4.) Rave is King (Zodiac Cartel Remix) – **** Off
5.) 1980 (Maurizio Gubellini Insane Remix) – Dero and Robbie Rivera
6.) Let the Bass Kick in Miami (MYNC I’m in Richmond Remix) – Chuckie and LMFAO
7.) Cool (Afrojack Remix) – Spencer and Hill
8.) For an Angel (Spencer and Hill Remix) – Paul Van Dyke
9.) Heartbreaker (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) – MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend
10.) You and I (Deadmau5 Remix) – Medina