Junsong is currently a Program Manager, Simulations, at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

His main responsibilities include designing blended and online courses for JIBC schools and government agencies, developing gamified 3D simulations with emerging technology, consulting with stakeholders on technology and design, creating resources and workshops for faculty and students, and contributing to various initiatives on teaching and learning such as Universal Design for Learning. Recently he is also leading the pilot of a new ePortfolio tool with JIBC schools and divisions.

Junsong holds a Master of Education from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Digital Media from the Center for Digital Media. He is passionate about transforming learning experiences with digital technology, delivering user-centred products and solutions, fostering personal and professional development, and improving team collaboration and performance in complex environments.

Through projects, Junsong developed solid skills in user experience design, project management, and cross-disciplinary leadership that are vital to a team’s success.

On the side, he is an experienced IELTS/ESL instructor.