Current Students

Post-Doc: Julien Samson (NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship) (Papers)

Graduate Students (in order of joining our group)

Name Degree(Start Date) Thesis Title
Bo Fang**,
Internship at Los Alamos National Labs (LANL),
J.K. Zee Memorial Fellowship from UBC
PhD (2014), MASc (2011-2014) Error Resilience of Parallel Applications Papers
Guanpeng (Justin) Li
Four-year Fellowship,
Internship at Nvidia Research, Best paper nominee at DSN’18
PhD (2014) Error Propagation in CPU and GPU Applications Papers
Mohammad Rafiuzzaman,
International Doctoral Fellowship (IDF)
PhD (2017) Scheduling and Failure Prediction Papers
Mehdi Karimi*,
Four-year Fellowship
PhD (2017) Access Control for IoT
Asem Ghaleb, Four-year Fellowship PhD (2018) TBD
Ekta Aggarwal* MASc (2017)
Kumseok Jung MASc (2017)
Lucas Palazzi MASc (2018)

* Co-advised with Andre Ivanov

** Co-advised with Matei Ripeanu

Visiting Graduate Students:

Behrooz Sangchoolie, Chalmers University of Technology, Summer 2016. (Papers)