Current Students

Graduate Students (in order of joining my group)

Name Degree(Start Date) Thesis Title
PhD students
Mohammad Rafiuzzaman*
(International Doctoral Fellowship (IDF))
PhD (2017) Scheduling and Failure Prediction for IoT Papers
Asem Ghaleb**
(Four-year Fellowship)
PhD (2018) Smart Contracts Security and Testing Papers
Pritam Dash (Four-year Fellowship, Work featured in media) PhD (2020) Robotic Vehicles’ Security Papers
Abraham Chan (Four-year Fellowship, NSERC PGS(D)) PhD (2020) Machine Learning Dependability Papers
Kumseok Jung (Internship at Microsoft Research) PhD (2021) High-Level, Adaptive Environment for Edge-Computing Papers
Masters students
Niranjhana Narayanan MASc (2019) Fault Injection in Machine Learning Applications Papers
Xi Rui MASc (2020) TBD
Ali Asgari MASc (2021) TBD

* Co-advised with Sathish Gopalakrishnan
** Co-advised with Julia Rubin