Graduated Students

Graduated Students (In order of graduation and degree)

Name Degree, year Thesis Title Papers
Layali Rashid* (First Position: Qualcomm, Raleigh) (NSERC CGS(D) awardee) PhD (2013) Tolerating Intermittent Hardware Errors: Characterization, Diagnosis & Recovery Papers
Shabnam Mirshokraie***(First position: co-founder of a Startup) PhD (2015) Effective Test Generation and Adequacy Assessment for JavaScript-based Web Applications Papers
Frolin Ocariza Jr.***,
(First Position: SAP, Vancouver) (NSERC CGS(D) awardee)
PhD (2016), MASc (2012) On the Detection, Localization and Repair of Client-Side JavaScript Faults Papers
Farid Molazem Tabrizi,
(First Position: Google, Mountain View) Distinguished paper award at EDCC 2015
PhD (2017) Security Analysis and Intrusion Detection for Smart Embedded Systems Papers
Saba Alimadadi***,
(First Position: Post-doc at Northeastern University), Distinguished paper award at ICSE’14, NSERC PDF awardee – ranked 1st in Canada for CS.
PhD (2017) Understanding Motifs of Program Behavior and Change Papers
Jiesheng Wei (First Position: Microsoft, Vancouver) MASc (2012) Hardware Error Detection in Multicore Parallel Programs Papers
Anna Thomas (First position: IBM Toronto) MASc (2013) Error Detection for Soft Computing Applications Papers
Majid Dadashi (First position: 1QBit, Vancouver) MASc (2014) Integrated Hardware-Software Diagnosis of Intermittent Faults Papers
Sheldon Sequeira*** (First position: SAP, Vancouver) MASc (2014) Understanding Test Failures in JavaScript-Based Web Applications Papers
Xin Chen MASc (2014) Failure Characterization and Prediction in Compute Clouds Papers
Kartik Bajaj*** (First position: Hootsuite, Vancouver). FYF and MITACS Globalink Fellowship Awardee MASc (2014) Mining Web Application Developers’ Questions Papers
Qining Lu (First position: Google, Canada) MASc (2015) Configurable Error Detection for SDC causing Errors Papers
Nithya Narayanamurthy (First position: Oracle Labs, Vancouver) MASc (2015) Finding resilience-friendly compiler optimizations using meta-heuristic search techniques Papers
Abraham Chan (First Position: Huawei, Canada) MASc (2017) Error Propagation Analysis for Multi-threaded Programs Papers
Maryam Raiyat MASc (2018) Multi-Dimensional Invariant Detection for Cyber-Physical System Security Papers

* Co-advised with Sathish Gopalakrishnan

** Co-advised with Matei Ripeanu

*** Co-advised with Ali Mesbah

Visiting Graduate Students:

Behrooz Sangchoolie, Chalmers University of Technology, Summer 2016. (Papers) – Currently Researcher at RiSE.