What ever happened to that old chunky computer?

After reading my classmate’s post, E-Waste: Who’s Responsible, I was reminded of a documentary I watched a couple years ago that was made by a group of graduate students at UBC’s School of Journalism. The film is called Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground and it’s an investigative news documentary that explores the health and environmental impacts of electronic waste.

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This was an eye-opener for me, to be honest, prior to watching this I had never thought about what happened to our old electronics. I think it’s great that large companies like Samsung are starting to take action – with the Samsung Recycling Direct program consumers now have  a simple and safe way of disposing electronic waste. There are also local organizations such as Free Geek Vancouver who will gladly take in unwanted electronics for reuse or recycling.

29. March 2013 by kathylin
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