GRSJ 300 Culture Jamming Project


Original Ad 

The ad shown above is a Gucci ad for the clothing designer. By culture jamming this ad, I can understand and analyze both the implied meaning of the advertisement as well as looking at the way some feminist perspectives would argue that this advertisement is simply showing what some people’s sexual preferences are. The advertisement’s social issue is its implied sexual relationship between man and woman. It is essentially advertising clothing by showing men as dominant and women as submissive. Our culture uses things such as fashion, makeup, and media to sexualize and undermine women by portraying them as weak and passive. While this Gucci advertisement is doing just that, some may argue that people enjoy submissive and dominant relationships. That being sad, the Gucci ad is not encouraging people to have healthy sexual lives and be accepting, but it is instead using the female body and male dominance to sell designer clothing to our society. The social issue that is related to this photo is essentially its insinuations that men are more powerful and stronger then women are; whereas women are seen as weak, expected to be pretty and skinny. So many popular culture platforms – fashion especially – use this same example to portray this difference in gender without understanding the controversial debate that it triggers.

GRSJ 300 Photo For Culture Jam Project

Jammed Ad

By deconstructing and jamming this Gucci ad, I am aiming to reveal injustice and inspire feelings and justification of gender equality. By swapping the man and woman’s faces, I am trying to make a point about gender equality and to disrupt the associations and discourses that portray men as dominant in our culture. The point I am trying to get across is that both men and women should share equal rights and equalities in our culture. It is old-fashioned and inappropriate to use women in this way and treat them as objects for advertising clothes and similar popular culture products and services. By swapping the man and woman’s faces, one can see from looking at this ad that it is highly incongruous with our modern culture. Our culture and society has been transformed drastically since a time when women had no rights and no equality to men in the workforce and at home and this is often not recognized or reflected in social and popular culture. By deconstructing this ad I hope to reveal to the viewer what the real social issue underlying this picture but to also understand that from a certain feminist perspective, it could have nothing wrong with it. Many argue that women and men can do what they want sexually, but when it is brought up in a context such as this, it has a deeper social meaning and problem.


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